Total Thyroidectomy

Well, folks, obviously I wasn’t a good blogger and keeping up on here. Last I posted, I had just been told by my doctor that my thyroid should come out. But first, I had some tests. 

– The lab tests revealed that my TSH and T3 were out of range, but absolutely nothing else. No high cholesterol, no diabetes, nothing! Yay! My doctor increased my synthroid dose.

– Then it was time for a thyroid ultrasound. That showed that the growths were big, heterogeneous, and potentially suspicious. It was time to meet with a surgeon. 

– The surgeon read my ultrasound and met with me. He said his plan was to take the whole thing out, because if he left any thyroid tissue, it would get another growth on it. Plus, who knows how well the little thyroid that would be left was working anyways. I was in agreement. 

– Surgery date was August 22nd. All went well – I went to sleep, woke up goofy, and didn’t feel a thing. I had a nice big bandage on my neck. 


– I was able to bring home a photo of the removed thyroid! If you like to see graphic photos of internal photos, you’ll love this. The growth is insane. If you don’t like stuff like that, DO NOT click this link.

– Stayed the night in the hotel, came home and spent a few days alternating between the bed and the couch. With a lot of DVR time logged. The big bandage went down to just some tape, and I got to shower!


– And now it’s one week later. Visited the surgeon today and the tape was removed. The stitches are the dissolving kind, so nothing even needed to be removed. The scar is longer than I anticipated, but it will fade and blend right into my neck creases. 



– And see that last little part of the photo? Its from my pathology report. Turns out, I had cancer. A small, completely encapsulated, section of cancerous cells. But the lymph node is completely clear. So, I had cancer. But I am now cancer free, without knowing I had it in the first place. 

Thank you, Dr. B.

It’s time to get back to Healthy Living Holly. 



Hasta La Vista, Thyroid Gland

I saw the doctor last night. And I got some news I have to admit I wasn’t terribly surprised at: 

My thyroid needs to come out. 

The doctor says “the time has come” and that it is “too far gone” for anything else to be done. For reference, here are photos taken 2 days ago of my neck. It’s actually hard to capture it on film, but I think that even in these photos you can see that something is not right. 



So, the first step is a bunch of blood work. I got the FULL workup done this morning on a fasting stomach. CMP and CBC (that’s got everything from glucose/sodium/potassium to blood platelets and stuff), TSH, T3 and T4 (thyroid labs – and good because a lot of Drs only test TSH), Lipid panel (let’s see if I’ve got high cholesterol too, yippee), AND HgbA1c — that’s the marker for diabetes. GULP. I’ve never had high blood sugars before but… please no. Please, please no.

He also had me sign a release so he could get my previous medical records from the time I was originally diagnosed and had a thyroid biopsy (2007). I see him again next Tuesday to go over the lab results and his game plan and predictions for when surgery will take place. 

Until then, keep up my healthy eating and exercise, keep taking my current dose of Synthroid (even though it’s not enough, obviously!), and he’s going to switch me off of an SSRI for my mood issues and have me try Cymbalta, which should not have a weight gain side effect like the Prozac I have been taking has. 

Looks like there are going to be a lot of changes coming up in my health. It might get bumpy, but I think eventually I’ll be in a better place than I am now. Thank goodness.