Kiss Looks So Natural false lashes

I was provided a set of KISS lashes from Influenster to review on my blog. I’ve never used false lashes before, so I knew this would be fun!


I enlisted the help of my friend to out them on, which is good — I don’t think I could have done it myself! I’m not talented at makeup, so this was definitely something I needed assistance with.

[applying the glue]

[putting them on]

Each eye needed two tries at application, to get them close enough to the lash line. Once on, from above you could see that they were fake, but straight on they looked really natural.



I then put on makeup and wore them to the Oscar party I attended. Not one person noticed they were fake! Also a BIG plus was that I didn’t feel them at all once the glue had dried!

The inner corners of my eyes were not very secure, however. By the end of the evening, they were lifting (and I swear I never rubbed them!)


[end of the night eyes]

Overall, I thought they were a great product and I would try them again for a special occasion — adding more glue on the inner corners!


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