Official race photos!

I like this one of me and Lisa:

That was somewhere around the halfway point. Almost 7 miles.

This is at about 10 miles. Lisa stopped at the bathrooms so I was alone at that point.

I was feeling pretty strong here, going around Lake Merrit was very pretty.

But by the end, I was DONE:

But hey. 6 half marathons down. Not terrible.

Now it’s time to focus on losing weight, running faster, and being healthier. 🙂


Oakland RunFest – Half Marathon!

Race went pretty well! Ran strong, 4/1 intervals, finished in 2:43. Crazy how I used to run 2:17, huh? Sucky. But anyways, the weather was nice, it didn’t rain, stayed pretty cool, the course was really flat, all good.

Our feet are tired. Lisa runs in Vibram Five Fingers.

And we used our drink tickets to get double mimosas!

The medal is really nice. 🙂

And those mimosas hit my dehydrated butt REALLY bad. I was all giggly and crazy on BART, ordered a pizza, and managed to lose my ID, debit card, BART ticket, and cash on BART. And was tipsy enough to just kinda laugh about it.

Then we got pizza and ate it in the hot tub and BART called and found my stuff!!! Woot. It rode to the end of the line. Nicole was out busting a guy so she picked it up for me. And I passed out for a 2 1/2 hour nap.

And now the masseuse is here. Nicole made us all dinner (including the masseuse) and we’ve been partying it up but now I get a massage. Peace out!