CIM – third time for me!

Yesterday I was at the California International Marathon for the third time.

In 2008, I ran the last leg of a relay. In 2009, I did the whole thing myself. Last year I spectated. And this year I was the first relay leg!

My leg was the first 6 miles, and it’s rolling hills. It starts in Folsom and goes down Oak Avenue and turns on Fair Oaks Blvd. The next two legs are completely on Fair Oaks, which totally shuts the whole city’s street system down all morning. It’s quite the production. Here’s my Nike+ app screenshot of where I went:

I did okay. I took 3 walk breaks, planned. I’m still in that spot where it’s frustrating that what feels like “hard running” is so much slower than I used to be. But it was my strongest 6 miles since coming back from the back injury, an average 11:15 pace, so I did pretty well.

Nicole freaking ROCKED it. She had the longest section, the hilliest section, didn’t take any walk breaks, and averaged 10:39 pace. Amazing. Amanda also did great in her 7 miles, averaging a little slower than Nicole. Then Carol ran 8 minute miles or faster to the finish. Ha.

Our final time was 4:36 — a smoking marathon time to me! It’s about a 10:30 average pace — obviously Carol skewed that for us. Hahahah.

(Nicole, Me, Carol, and Amanda)

Apparently I only post when there’s a race report to give. 😉 But never fear — next up is the Oakland Half Marathon!


And while I’m making this mini reappearance on the blogosphere, I’d like to mention that I REALLY want to win Kim’s fashion giveaway because I love that stuff! I can see those earrings going with half of my work outfits! ::fingers crossed::