Running is fun again

I’m getting conditioned enough that it doesn’t hurt quite so bad to just get out and run on Sunday mornings! Yay! It always takes a few weeks (coughSIXcough) before my lungs and body catch up and feel like I’m a runner again. 🙂

Here’s how I know. Last week, we did a 6 mile run. Then on Thursday night we did a track workout (my first in…I don’t even know. Probably in 2011. I can’t find an actual speed workout done on the track in my blog in 2010, either. Whoa.) And then today we did another 6 mile run – the same route, in fact.

Thursday night — we did a mile warm up, 2 x 800, mile cool down. The two 800’s were 4:38 and 4:42 (9:00 and 9:13 avg pace, respectfully). I’m actually quite impressed with that. Because, the last time I did speedwork (on the road, last Feb), my FASTEST one was 4:53 (9:41 pace). Interesting.

And this is the 6 mile run we did twice. From the store to the lagoon and back. A great route, mostly flat with one freeway overpass and one water tower hill of death.

Last Sunday: average pace 12:29. walk breaks (according to the graph): 10. Difficulty: medium hard.

Today: average pace 11:45. walk breaks: none officially, but I did pause the watch at the halfway point to take a gu. Difficulty: medium.

It felt easier, I felt stronger, and it was at a significantly faster pace than last week. And that makes me a happy, happy Holly.

P.S. and the hip is hanging in there. It talks a little, but yoga and stretching are keeping it at bay. 🙂

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  1. lawless15
    Aug 08, 2011 @ 00:13:15

    Miss you guys. Maybe my knee will agree and let me come run soon!


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