Rainbow runners

This awesome rainbow was totally unplanned.

4 of us are coaches – Me, Nicole (orange), Christa (blue) and Julia (purple). When Rachel (green) got to the track we had a good laugh and said we just needed a yellow. Then Karina showed up a few minutes late in a yellow tank top to complete the rainbow! We were like, we HAVE to get a photo of this awesomeness.

Fleet Feet always makes running fun. 🙂


Running groups are love

How to make an 8 mile run less painful.

Step 1: pick a beautiful country road

Step 2: add in friends

Mix well. 🙂

75 Activity points

This week has been a really awesome one for working out. On Weight Watchers, it counts as 75 activity points!

Mondays are my rest days. Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday I did my weekday runs (one being a track workout). Wednesday night and Friday morning I did hot yoga. Friday night I also tried rock climbing for the first time:

But if all of THAT wasn’t enough…today I did almost FIVE hours of exercise. First was our long run – 8 miles (it took me 1:40:00). Then a much needed latte and a bagel with peanut butter for some replenishment before round two.

This was the special yoga workshop that followed after about an hour break:

It was fantastic! And hot and sweaty and full of love. And it actually went a bit long…. 10:00 to 1:00! Yep, three solid hours of yoga.

So now all that is on the agenda is FOOD. Glorious, glorious food. I have some activity points to eat.

Track nights!

I had no idea this photo was being taken! One of the other coaches brought a camera to last week’s track practice and snapped me and Nicole goofing around during warm up. (I’m in the pink, she’s in the orange)

Tomorrow night we’re doing a pyramid workout: 400 – 600 – 800 – 600 – 400 with easy laps in between. I’m ready for it!

Nike Women’s marathon group!

Here is a group shot. We’re missing a few people, of course, but here’s most of us! A few marathoners and lots of half marathoners. 🙂

Running is still going well! 7 miles down yesterday. They felt a little tougher than last week, but the 5 hours sleep I got the night before probably didn’t help a whole lot. Still, it was steady running at a 12:15 pace and we finished strong. 🙂

Next week we’re up to 8, and me and my mini group that I’m coaching are going to switch to 9/1 intervals to make sure we hydrate and stay strong throughout.

Running is fun again

I’m getting conditioned enough that it doesn’t hurt quite so bad to just get out and run on Sunday mornings! Yay! It always takes a few weeks (coughSIXcough) before my lungs and body catch up and feel like I’m a runner again. 🙂

Here’s how I know. Last week, we did a 6 mile run. Then on Thursday night we did a track workout (my first in…I don’t even know. Probably in 2011. I can’t find an actual speed workout done on the track in my blog in 2010, either. Whoa.) And then today we did another 6 mile run – the same route, in fact.

Thursday night — we did a mile warm up, 2 x 800, mile cool down. The two 800’s were 4:38 and 4:42 (9:00 and 9:13 avg pace, respectfully). I’m actually quite impressed with that. Because, the last time I did speedwork (on the road, last Feb), my FASTEST one was 4:53 (9:41 pace). Interesting.

And this is the 6 mile run we did twice. From the store to the lagoon and back. A great route, mostly flat with one freeway overpass and one water tower hill of death.

Last Sunday: average pace 12:29. walk breaks (according to the graph): 10. Difficulty: medium hard.

Today: average pace 11:45. walk breaks: none officially, but I did pause the watch at the halfway point to take a gu. Difficulty: medium.

It felt easier, I felt stronger, and it was at a significantly faster pace than last week. And that makes me a happy, happy Holly.

P.S. and the hip is hanging in there. It talks a little, but yoga and stretching are keeping it at bay. 🙂