The meaning of the blog

Remember when I started this blog? It was about having a healthy lifestyle after a divorce. Well, it’s now been almost 2 years since my split, and I don’t feel like that’s really what this blog is about anymore. I think I’ve had enough closure.

For example, Saturday’s moo-nlight race was on what would have been my 5th wedding anniversary. Ironically, it was held in Davis, which is where my ex husband and I met. And as we arrived at race and discovered where the course went, another coincidence became apparent: the start line was on Drew Ave, which was the street my ex husband lived on before he moved in with me. I took notice of this interesting fact, and thought about how it could be construed as symbolic that I was beginning a race there. But really, as soon as that thought entered my brain, it also just melted away. I wasn’t there because of him or any symbolic reason, I was there because my friends and I were doing a running event together. I didn’t think of it again until I came to write this entry.

Yes, I’m still learning to be healthy on my own, while not living with a significant other and sharing meals. But I have support from my friends now, I have a new plan and a new life.

So I changed the tagline on my blog from “Living healthy after a divorce” to “Balancing food, exercise, and fun”. I think it’s more appropriate to what’s going on now. I also updated the “About Holly” page. I hope shifting the focus back to my running and training will cause me to update a little more often, and enjoy sharing my experiences again.

Hello again, blog world.

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  1. Melissa
    Jul 19, 2011 @ 18:48:39

    You always have friends to share meals with :)… though you may not want to eat what I am eating these days… or we could just run… anyway my point was you have lots of friends that love you!


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