Exercise filled week!

This week included 3 training runs, two yoga classes, a spin class, and a moonlight 5k race. I have to say, I’ve got some sore muscles today and I needed that nap I just woke up from!

BUT – I am feeling good. The yoga is helping with strengthening and stretching both. And it has been MONTH since I’ve gotten in 4 runs a week (looking back in my Garmin logs – the last time I ran 4 times in a week was JANUARY). Total mileage was 14 for the week, the most since March. SO I’m feeling very good about my training and wanting to do everything possible to keep this up!

Here I am with my running buddy Nicole after last night’s 5k (and putting on our warm clothes):

Today started off a new week right, 5 mile run with the Nike Women’s group. We had a smaller bunch to coach because so many of them did the Moo-nlight race last night. I did the first two miles with 3 of the ladies, and then as they started to spread apart in pace, I stuck with the middle runner (because I am an awesome coach. :P) We ran the 5 miles straight, save for a pause to refill water bottles at the turnaround. Average pace was 12:15. My conditioning is coming back – my heart rate and breathing was much better than last week. But my body is still getting used to it — sore hips and legs for sure.

I am so happy to be finally feeling a bit like a runner again. Bit by bit, I’m getting myself back.


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