Week 2 – loving it!

I’m easing back into this running thing because I do NOT want to get injured again this time around. This training program is 16 weeks so it ramps up nice and slowly.

We did 4 miles last week, 2 minute Fartleks on Thursday night, and 4 miles again today. The girls (and the one guy) all looked strong and were feeling confident because they knew they could handle 4 miles. As for me, I’m still getting my conditioning back. I was a lot more winded than I’d like to be! But slow and steady, and it’ll come back. And the important thing is that I ran 4 miles injury free. Next week we bump up to 5.

Also this week I tried a new hot vinyasa yoga class time. My workout buddy Nicole and I have been going every Wednesday night, but we tried the Saturday morning class this week as well. I loved it! Courtney was charismatic and a great teacher, and also very tough. My abs are screaming today, as are many other muscles that were trembling and shaking all the way through class.

It was really a “going back to basics” set of poses that we held for long times. It stretched me out but also made me burn. Add to that two morning spin classes last week and a 30 minute arms/abs class and man, I am feeling whipped back into shape!

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