Nike Women’s Half Marathon

So, I’m not JUST a lazy, slacking blogger who never posts. That is true, of course, but the plain fact is….the last post was the last run I did. And in fact, even though it appears I ran a few steps, we walked over half of that event. We also walked Bay to Breakers. So the last run I actually did was a 5k on May 7th.

I took a complete running hiatus to heal the hip injury I mentioned. It had gotten so bad that I was in pain all day – limping at work, hobbling up my stairs, etc. So I did not run at all in June.

What DID I do? I did hot yoga once or twice a week, I did heat and ice, I got two massages, and I lost 8 pounds by changing my eating habits. (Because in April/May, when I first stopped running, I gained over 10 pounds in an instant).

And now it’s July and I am back, baby! I took that rest and I worked on getting healed because it’s training group time. And not just any training group, the training group for….

THAT’S RIGHT!!! I am coaching the Nike Women’s half marathon group at Fleet Feet Vacaville and I am STOKED. We had our informational meeting on Thursday night and it’s going to be a wonderful group! About 35 people, many first timers, a lot of people to coach that I have never met!

And have I mentioned that I have been wanting to run this amazing race for three years? I am so happy I’ll be able to be a part of it and earn a gorgeous finisher’s necklace at the finish line. I may never take it off.

Some of the past necklaces:

Some I think are great, some not quite as pretty. Can’t wait to see what it looks like this year!

Tomorrow morning, 6:30 am, we start at a simple 4 miles. And I can’t wait to build my running back up, and coach some new people along the way.


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