Denial is a river in….India?

So, I’ve been in denial a little bit the past…two or so weeks.

I started feeling a little twinge in my hip flexor one day. It got a little worse and kinda went down the IT band a bit. I got a massage, and it felt worse. I went to the chiropractor and he tested my strength. He said I wasn’t weaker in any direction, so it might have just been a pulled muscle. He advised I not run that night (last Thursday) and it should be better.

Last Saturday we did 5 miles. With hills. I felt great, and once I got going I didn’t feel the twinge at all. Monday, I hurt.

Tuesday night we ran 4.75 miles, and any time I had to wait for people to catch up (I was coaching), I stretched it. While I was moving though, it didn’t hurt. I thought it was getting better.


Wednesday morning I was limping along. No scheduled workout at night, so I just stretched and rolled and used biofreeze and hoped for the best.

Nope, still sore today. Every time I got up from a chair and started walking, it was really painful and I had a slight limp. And Thursday night is speedwork… with a hill repeat workout looming.

What to do?

I decided to return to the hot yoga studio I’d basically abandoned once I started running again after my injury last year. I went to hot yoga classes a couple times a week last spring/summer and they really made me feel great. I had just not been making the time for them once I got a running schedule down. But tonight, I chose to take a class instead of running.


It was hard, my arms and legs were shaking, and I was dripping sweat. But we did so many downward dogs and leg extensions and lunges and twists and warrior poses that pulled and tugged on my sore areas. But in a good way. Not sharp pains, but stretching them out. The heat made the muscles relax out and I was able to really get in to them.

When I left class and walked over to Fleet Feet, I had NO PAIN. I could lift my leg up and down and barely feel the hip flexor working. Amazing.

I came home and got out two ice packs. I sat on one and stuffed the other one in on my hip flexor.

I took a hot shower. Things are STILL not hurting.

I sprayed with biofreeze and am getting into bed. Here’s hoping that it doesn’t stiffen up overnight. I’ve got 5.5 miles on the schedule tomorrow.

And I’ve got hot yoga classes once a week on my schedule from now on.

Pinky swear.


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  1. Erin
    Apr 08, 2011 @ 05:05:01

    Apparently your hip flexor has been talking to mine. Sorry about that! I’m getting a video gait analysis for mine (which I think is billed as PT so hopefully insurance will cover it!) as well as regular PT. I also roll the hell out of it with a tennis ball pressed up against the wall. Yes, it looks like I’m humping the wall but it seems to be helping. Maybe I’ll throw in some more yoga since that helped you!


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