It’s hard starting over

This morning, I ran the farthest I’ve gone since my injury last year. My last long run was the Solider Field 10 miler on May 29, 2010. After that, I took months off, then slowly started coaching a 5k group in the fall, and didn’t run more than 5 miles at a time for the rest of 2010.

This morning, I did 8.

Definitely not the fastest pace I’ve ever gone, and I did have to get dragged down the road by my running buddy for the first 3 miles, but it turned out ok. We took a walk break at each mile, and got it done. I didn’t feel pain like I had for most of 2010, and I rolled on the foam roller when I got back to the store.

It’s hard regressing, though. I am SO MUCH slower than I used to be. And I was never really that fast, anyways. It’s hard watching people that used to be much slower than you are pass right by you. It’s hard coming up from the bottom again (and really, just shooting for the middle). It’s tough that when I got injured last year, I was training to run a 2:11:00 half marathon, and now my goal has to be just to get that medal injury-free. It can be so disheartening.

But then I realize that I haven’t regressed all the way to the beginning. I’m not starting out like a non-runner. I can run more than a mile straight without stopping. I can run 8 miles with walk breaks, stretch, and go about my day as if it ain’t no thang. At least I have a little bit of a base.

And I feel good that I ran 8 miles today. I feel strong. I’m looking forward to training these next two weeks and hitting double digits again, 9 months after my last 10 mile run. I will definitely bask in that success.


Stampede Kick-off

It’s a new year, and it’s time for a new face to the Solano Stampede!

Same logo, though.

Tonight we’re having our kick-off meeting and it’s going to be a blast! We’re introducing the new board members (President Jaqueline, Vice President Holly, Treasurer Jan, and Secretary Danielle), announcing our plans for the year, the benefits/perks to being in the club (group entries to races and discounts, oh my!), and throwing out some awesome giveaways.

If you’re a Solano County Runner, don’t miss it! It’s tonight at 6:30, Fenton’s Creamery in Vacaville.

Also, if you’re a Facebooker, make sure to add us and get our updates!

Training plans, my old friend…

Shhhh, don’t jinx it, but…. I’m training again.

What? An actual training schedule? Consistent running?

That’s right! Shamrock’n Half, I’m comin’ for ya!

I’m two runs in, and, well, there was some slugging involved, for sure. Not only because the whole month of December involved cookies and not carb loading, but also because Me and Pursey brought home a nasty flu from Vegas.

See that bride there? She brought a flu alllll the way from London to share! Excellent.

But not to worry, Pursey and I had some fun first. Did you know she can fit a whole bottle of wine in there?

Also quite a few bottles and margaritas:

Ummm, so what was I saying about having to slug through my runs? Hahahahah.

Good thing Pursey got sent on to the next person, huh?

I think it might be time to focus on training now….