Turkey Trotting

On Thanksgiving, my No Boundaries group ran in the Solano Turkey Trot. As a coach, I ran with them. So did Coach Nicole:

I ended up settling in with some of the runners in my group that I figured were right about the speed I could handle (i.e. I was NOT racing this — I’ve been out injured for FAR too long to be able to race it. Plus, depressing that I’m so much slower than I was). So imagine my shock when the girl I was running with, Katherine, negative split her first race perfectly… and left me in the dust in the final mile. I still got some negative splits and a time that impressed me, though!

Mile 1: 9:50
Mile 2: 9:40
Mile 3: 9:30
final .1: 9:09 pace

I ended up with a Garmin time of 30:10 and a final time of 31 something (it was chip timed but not at both ends). A 30 minute 5k is actually really great, considering my PR is 27:23 and that was a year and a half ago, amidst marathon training. I’m actually pretty stoked about it and it gives me hope that my running is coming back. 🙂

Meanwhile, the race itself was quite unorganized and none of the turnaround points were marked. This caused the 5k leaders to run 3.8 miles (I did get turned around at the correct spot myself) and ALL of the 10k runners went over a mile too far and ran a 7.3 mile race that Thanksgiving morning. Ouch.

Yet they still finished with smiles on their faces! Here’s my friends Becky, Ryan, and Carmen heading to the finish line:

In conclusion, even if the race itself is severely messed up, I still love the Turkey Trot in general. There is no better way to start of a gluttonous holiday than with a race and time with your runner friends.


Solano Stampede 2011

Guess who got elected to be officers of the Solano Stampede running club next year?

That’s President Jaqueline and Vice President Holly to you!

We’ve got ideas (themed fun runs! Dogs! Families! Capes!) and an action plan and a whole lot of enthusiasm.

Look out, Solano County runners. It’s gonna be a wild ride.

On the road again…

I finally just uploaded my Garmin data from the last two months, and check it:

Hahah that chart shows me I forget to bring my Garmin on Tuesday nights a lot!

No Boundaries is Tuesday and Thursday nights, and the Vegas Half Marathon and California International Marathon is Saturday mornings. As you can see, I’m starting to run a little bit more and a little bit faster.

And tonight, I met up with my favorite running buddy, Jaqueline, and we finally got an after work run in, which was kind of appropriate considering that was what we were doing for the first time one year ago. I’ve been injured for so long and she’s been running stronger and faster and I had to get back to where I could run with her. Tonight was awesome! (Except I ran out of steam on the last mile, ugh).

I am so happy to be running again. 🙂