Disney Half Marathon (part 3)

That’s the end of the route I ran with Alysa. My Garmin knows it went to Disneyland!

And here we are at the finish:

She got a medal. I got a Mickey Mouse Clacker. Hahaha.

I’ve been running a little. So far so good. ::knocks on wood::


Disney Half Marathon (part 2)

This weekend, I went along as a Disneyland Half Marathon spectator with two of my friends who were running it. It’s an amazing race, with 14,000 participants, lots of entertainment, 4 miles of it are in the Disneyland Park, characters are out to cheer, and the race organization is spot on. This was the 5th annual race, and my friend Alysa has run every year. She got a special “legacy runner” ribbon on her medal for the accomplishment.

Finishers! They got beautiful medals from the happiest place on earth.

(Also, Sweaty Bands? Awesome. It totally stayed put and looked cute!)

Next year, I am SO doing this race! This year, it was smart to take car of my injury. But I did run the last 1.75 with Alysa and the last .5 with Nicole, so in a couple days, I may have finish photos for you! And I’ll be in both of theirs. Hahaha.
Monday, I went to the actual theme park with Nicole and her family. I hadn’t been since senior grad night in 1998!

Me and Goofy:

Splash Mountain:

So now I’m back home and back into the swing of things. My ankle/leg is hanging in there well, so tonight I’m going to participate in a 5k fun run at Fleet Feet, with wine tasting at WineStyles afterwards. My goal right now is to run 3-4 times a week, 3-4 miles. Then I’ll be ready for half marathon training come October.

I’m excited to be getting back into the swing of things, and knocking on every available wooden surface so as not to jinx it. I just have to make sure to keep easing into it and not to do anything too quickly. Keep those good vibes coming!

Disney Half Marathon (part 1)

I am at the Disney Half Marathon, cheering on my friends Nicole and Alysa:

My plan is to meet up with Alysa when she’s at about mile 11, and run her in at a sub-10 pace. Then we’ll walk back for Nicole and bring her home strong.

This is an awesome race, very well put together, great support. I’ll be running it next year!

Exciting things!

Things are exciting around here!

1. My friends Nicole and Alysa completed their first triathlon last weekend! Our other friend Beth, who is a triathlon guru, showed them the ropes.

2. My roommates Arielle and Lenny got married that same day, and I was a bridesmaid!

3. I ran FOUR MILES Tuesday night! And they were…drumroll…pain free!

4. I’M GOING TO DISNEYLAND! Well really, Nicole and Alysa are running the Disney Half marathon on Sunday, and I’m tagging along.

In light of item #3, I plan on running them both in for the last couple of miles. But then I also fully plan on indulging in the sure to be overcrowded theme park action. I haven’t been in well over 10 years. I need my picture with some characters and maybe some souvenir ears. Mickey, here I come!!