Project: Purse and Boots

I have a dear friend named Lori. I met her when I lived in Santa Rosa, through friends of my ex-husband. She’s played some very pivotal roles in my life – namely, she trained for a triathlon with me, she got me the contacts for my current employment, and she helped and supported me through my divorce.

Let’s focus on the second one for a second. Lori is a speech pathologist by profession, and worked many years in nursing homes. Nursing homes employ registered dietitians, and as I was approaching graduation, she handed over the contact information for my company. I called them out of the blue, when no positions were available. They hired me anyway. That was over a year ago, and I still love my career and own so much of it to Lori.

Having now worked in nursing homes for over a year, I can appreciate what Lori has seen over the years. We see the elderly suffer through horrible, debilitating diseases, and we can only do so much to help. Speech therapists and RDs work together on those patients with difficulty swallowing. Quite often, these patients have been victims of a stroke.

In the past year, Lori has started her own business, started blogging, and started giving back. She created Project: Purse & Boots to benefit The American Stroke Association. I am so excited to participate!

Click the button above to get ALL the details, but the gist is this: the purse is going to be the new traveling pants of the blog world. It is going to visit a new blogger each week and attend a fabulous social event with said blogger. The blogger asks for a $5 donation from each person partying with the purse. And then the purse moves on. The traveling purse will wind its way ’round the country and conclude its travels at BlogHer11 in San Diego.

Did I mention the absolute fantasticness that IS the purse? Because check this out:

Now here’s where the exciting bit (for me) comes in. Guess where I am taking the purse?

That’s right. VEGAS, BABY!

And it gets better. I’m going to Vegas for…. New Years. So I get to ring in the New Year with the magical traveling purse. All the while, raising money for a cause I do so truly care about.

So spread the word, blog friends. Sign up to host a purse party. Tweet and blog about it. Share the badge with pride.

I know I will.

5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lori @ In Pursuit of Martha Points
    Aug 25, 2010 @ 08:38:17

    This is fantastic, dear woman!

    Thank you for being part of it. I’m so pleased that you are!


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  3. KLZ
    Aug 25, 2010 @ 09:55:04

    Woohoo! I’m always glad to hear about where the purse is going. Thanks for the work you do and for supporting Lori and Pursey. Because they are awesome.


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