So I was running… and then I wasn’t.

Often times when my blog posts go a-missing, one or more of the following are true:

1. I’m ridiculously busy (I need to get a good WordPress app for Blackberry!)

2. I’m not running

3. I’m not being healthy in any way, shape or form.

Luckily, only items #1 and #2 are true this time.

Item #1 – is a good thing. Because I’m busy being ACTIVE! I have been at the gym at 5 am several mornings a week, taken a few spin classes with my friends, hit the trails, and done a few bike rides and lake swims.

On a 21 mile ride with Nicole:

Photos from Lake Berryessa:

And… item #2.

So, I ran one mile. Then I did it again. Then I did 1.5. So far, so good. Then it was 2. Okay. Then 2.5. Umm… not okay. I could feel tightness at the end of the run, and the next two days, the shooting pain returned. Stemming from the ankle, heading up the leg.

After taking 3 weeks off before Soldier’s Field, and another FIVE WEEKS OFF, I should not be in pain running less than a 5k. Something is wrong.

The orthopedic doctor’s appointment is booked for next Friday. I will hopefully get more answers then. As for now, the pain is gone again. It only lasted a few days.

Last night, I backed off again to ONE mile. It was run as .25 mile warm up, .5 mile barefoot in the grass, .25 mile cool down home. No pain so far today. ::knock, knock:: I plan on running again on Thursday, if only to get some of the symptoms to flare up slightly for my appointment.

However, it really sucks because today was the first day of the next half marathon group training. I’m a mentor for the group, and I was planning on running with them! Alas, I was on my bike.

It’s really a shame, because THIS is how much I love running:

(Taken after the fateful 2.5 mile run)

See that glow and the look in my eyes? I want that back. Running, I’m wishing and hoping and praying. Come back to me.


Pizza pizza

My friend and running buddy Jaqueline’s parents live in town, and they invited us over for the grand unveiling of the earth oven.

Jaqueline’s dad built this (with Jaqueline’s help) and it cooks hotter than 600 degrees! It’s made out of MUD. How awesome is that?

Cooking inside is a homemade pizza. And all parts are from scratch – Jaqueline’s dad made the sourdough crust and Jaqueline’s mom made the sauce!

Here’s my pizza before it went in:

What you can’t see buried under all that cheese is my little sections of flavor – there’s a little basil/tomato/mozz section, a pepperoni section, a veggie section, and then the artichokes and olives are a bit haphazard. Hahah.

And in it goes!

And it comes out looking like this:

Don’t mind the bite taken before the photo was taken. I couldn’t help myself.

Man, the parents’ house is awesome. I’ll come over anytime, Mom and Dad! (hahahahaha!)

Running tattoo

So, I want a running tattoo. I want it on my foot. But I want it to be kind of hidden – so when I’m professional at work, it’s not showing.

This is cropped from a PostSecret this week, and I think the location of that musical note is perfect!

Now I just need to figure out a good running symbol, one I want forever.

There’s the life is good runner guy:

I also like the runner girl logo.

A similar idea to mine:

Hmmm, maybe that’s a good location too. It would always be covered by dress shoes.

Thoughts? Ideas?

Share your running (or other) tattoos!

What I’ve been up to, as told by photos from Google Images


1.5 mile run! No sharp pains! Success!


Hot Yoga. It was hard. And hot. Obviously.

Saturday, in three parts:

Abs and other various gym exercises

Hour long spin class

Open water swim in Lake Beryessa


Time for a nap.

She’s back! (I hope)

Reenactment of me, yesterday and today:

Cuz I have that same waistline. Yep.

Anyways…I ran! I’m testing the waters, so to speak.

Monday I popped out on my lunch break and did my first mile since the Solider Field 10 mile race. I set the treadmill at 5.0 mph. I concentrated on relaxing, good form, and not stressing out about it. At .75 miles, I started slowly turning the speed up, ending at 6.0 mph for a final mile time of 11:40.

And it felt GOOD.

I iced it last night, stretched it out, and didn’t feel pain. So far, so good.

This morning, I did it again. I started turning the speed up around .50 mile, for an 11:23 mile.

And again, it felt GOOD.

I’m taking tomorrow off, as much as I don’t want to. I’m trying to be smart here. Thursday I will try 2 miles.

Next week – running outside. After that…the world.