Super Spectator!

This weekend was a total blast. Even being injured, I still LOVE LOVE LOVE attending races. I love cheering and just feeling the energy of the event.

Saturday morning, my friends Nicole and Alysa picked me up bright and early and we headed to Galt (outside of Sacramento) to watch the Try 4 Fun triathlon. My triathlon team, Mad Cows, were there, plus my friend Sabrina and high school classmate Margaret.

Me, Nicole, Alysa

After that race, Nicole and I bought some camping food and headed down to Gilroy, taking a total of 12 freeways on our epic journey. We met up with Nancy and friends, and then spent 4 hours getting them checked in for the race (there may have been some misdirection involved). Back at the campsite at 6 pm, it was time for sausages, beer, and s’mores.

4:45 am came really fast, and we all packed up camp and headed back up the windy hill, where Nancy and Nicole were participating in Muddy Buddy San Jose. Our friends Becky and Jaqueline came down to meet up with us, and we bumped into our other friends Sandra and Melissa, so we had quite the crew:

The camping group – me, Nicole, Chris, Aaron, Nancy, and Rowdy the dog

Melissa, me, Nancy, Nicole, and Sandra

Nancy, Nicole, me, Becky, and Jaqueline

The racers headed off, the spectators got some beer, and we waited while they completed the most challenging obstacle course of their lives. Finished off with the mud pit:

And leaving the competitors with an impressive coating of mud:

Next year, expect to see about 8 muddy girls, because we are ALL doing it. We wanna be cool like Nicole:

It was an epic weekend. I miss racing myself, but am glad I get to be involved regardless.

Special shout outs to Chris for completing his first marathon (3:38:39) in San Diego, Dawn for going sub 4 in San Diego, Running Laura for being a marathon maniac in San Diego, and Laura for setting the WORLD RECORD today in Minneapolis for being the youngest female to complete a marathon in all 50 states!

Rock on, everyone!


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