Social networking

So I starting actually tweeting because they released a good app for my blackberry!

I also have a Facebook.

Holly Haley

I am now going to hot yoga.


Poor neglected blog!

Why haven’t I been posting?

1. Still not running.

2. Too lazy to blog.

3. Missed some workouts because I got a straightening treatment on my hair (that did not work) and then I got a tummy bug.

What have I been doing?

1. Riding in fast cars and not doing awesome at avoiding motion sickness:

2. Finalizing my divorce:

3. Visiting friends and eating delicious food:

(That’s polenta with spinach, eggplant, tomatoes and pesto from Rick & Ann’s in Berkeley)

4. Getting a new ear piercing:

Tim, my piercer at Zebra in Berkeley

(The one on the right is new, the other one I’ve had for over 10 years)

5. Visiting the family:

Me, Niko (dog), Joe, Mom, Bella (dog), Chad, Bear (dog)

What’s next?

Life is good. Fun. Awesome.

I’m still doing hot yoga 1-2 times a week, and will be back at the gym in the morning. The xrays of my ankle and tibia came back negative and I now have a referral to an orthopedic doctor. My leg feels 90% better, I’m just afraid to re-injure it. But I am itching to get out running with my girls again.

And when I do, you’ll be the first to know.

Back in training mode!

All last week, I kept up with my 5 am gym dates. In fact, I was sore from Tuesday’s leg workout the whole week! I can still feel those sore hamstrings!

Yesterday, I returned to hot yoga and stretched those poor hamstrings out. Today, my arms and back are sore from yoga. Ha.

Then this morning, two of my friends met up with one Mad Cow member and went up to Lake Beryessa for an open water swim. I got in a good 30 minutes of hard swimming, and some other time of just hanging out. Turns out Brian, the Mad Cow, is pretty close to my speed in the water, which of course makes me want to go faster. It also makes me contemplate this:

He was trying out two different wetsuits today, and he was in the first suit when we swam out to a far buoy and back. I was able to stay in front of him, but not byu very much. Then later, he was wearing a different wetsuit, and I could barely stay next to him. He says it was the wetsuit being a much nicer one (it was a Zoot, like in the above picture). Intriguing.

After the swim, we headed back to town, had some fuel (ok, ok, a PBJ), and headed out on a bike ride. It was 96 degrees out. Ouch. But really, on a bike it’s not SO bad except your water bottles get really hot and nasty. We did 15 miles with some hills, averaging about 12 mph. Good workout.

A brick workout! Finally back in the game!

We are training for Luna Bar Women’s Sprint Triathlon. .5 mile swim, 20 mile bike, 4 mile run. In August. Starting at 9 am. I think the heat will be the worst part!

As for running, well, we’re still on a break. I got xrays taken of my ankle and tib/fib on Thursday evening, so we’ll see if they show anything. Next I’m sure I’ll move on to an MRI and an orthopedic doctor. For now though, even though it does hurt every day, the pain is lessening. I’ve barely felt it today. So this rest is doing it good.

Back to the gym at 5 am, though. Just because my leg gets rest does not mean that I do.

It’s good to be exercising again.

Super Spectator!

This weekend was a total blast. Even being injured, I still LOVE LOVE LOVE attending races. I love cheering and just feeling the energy of the event.

Saturday morning, my friends Nicole and Alysa picked me up bright and early and we headed to Galt (outside of Sacramento) to watch the Try 4 Fun triathlon. My triathlon team, Mad Cows, were there, plus my friend Sabrina and high school classmate Margaret.

Me, Nicole, Alysa

After that race, Nicole and I bought some camping food and headed down to Gilroy, taking a total of 12 freeways on our epic journey. We met up with Nancy and friends, and then spent 4 hours getting them checked in for the race (there may have been some misdirection involved). Back at the campsite at 6 pm, it was time for sausages, beer, and s’mores.

4:45 am came really fast, and we all packed up camp and headed back up the windy hill, where Nancy and Nicole were participating in Muddy Buddy San Jose. Our friends Becky and Jaqueline came down to meet up with us, and we bumped into our other friends Sandra and Melissa, so we had quite the crew:

The camping group – me, Nicole, Chris, Aaron, Nancy, and Rowdy the dog

Melissa, me, Nancy, Nicole, and Sandra

Nancy, Nicole, me, Becky, and Jaqueline

The racers headed off, the spectators got some beer, and we waited while they completed the most challenging obstacle course of their lives. Finished off with the mud pit:

And leaving the competitors with an impressive coating of mud:

Next year, expect to see about 8 muddy girls, because we are ALL doing it. We wanna be cool like Nicole:

It was an epic weekend. I miss racing myself, but am glad I get to be involved regardless.

Special shout outs to Chris for completing his first marathon (3:38:39) in San Diego, Dawn for going sub 4 in San Diego, Running Laura for being a marathon maniac in San Diego, and Laura for setting the WORLD RECORD today in Minneapolis for being the youngest female to complete a marathon in all 50 states!

Rock on, everyone!

Soldier Field 10 miler, part 2

Now that I’m home, the Garmin has been uploaded, and the photos have been put up, it’s time for part 2 of the Solider Field 10 miler wrap up.

(Hey, it’s the first time I’ve run in 6 weeks, really. I’m gonna post about it as much as I want.)

Look at our awesome medals!

I’m not even going to show you my splits. They’re not pretty. Hahahaha. But here’s where we went:

The field was amazingly crowded. Here’s an aeriel view of the start area:

We squeezed into the open corral around the 10 minute mile pace sign and posed for the camera:

Running along the lake with the skyline in the distance was just so amazing. This photo doesn’t do it even semi-justice.

I took a really silly video, HAHAHAH.

Some woman got in the way of what would have been an awesome race photo:

Here’s me booking it to the finish (I didn’t warn Erin I was going to take off, hahaha):

Look how cool it was to finish in the stadium:

I got ice on my leg and posed with the EXTREME sign, hahahah!

I convinced Erin we needed a photo of our post-race selves in the bean:

Basically, we had fun and ran on an amazing course on a gorgeous day. Considering my injury, it was really the best I could have hoped for.

I already miss Erin. ♥