We’re all a little crazy

This morning, the amazing Caitlin and the fabulous Jenna joined up with some other cool bloggers to bike 100 miles at the Echelon Gran Fondo. My main job?


Caitlin, don’t be scurred.

Raise the roof instead!

I pretend I have a bike, too.

Caitlin’s dad has a pretty sweet ride:

Cutie pies:

I took a couple more silly videos, too. This is Jill. She came all the way from New York, travelling alone, to ride these 100 miles. HARD CORE, GIRL!!

AAAAAND, they’re off!

I just couldn’t let them bike away! So I chased Team Awesome down the street!

So there you have it. A brush with blogger celebrities and a glimpse into the fact that I am a crazy person. That might not always shine through on this blog, especially when I’m all bummy about not being able to run. But for realsies guys, I’m a class A freak. Jenna DID ask me how many cups of coffee I’d had today. (Answer: 1/2 cup.) I’m just like this 95% of the time. (Hey, everyone has a bad day now and then). I’m just bouncy, pumped up, and cray-zee.

Case in point?

This would be me at the starting line of yesterday’s half marathon:

And guess who got to hand out the finish medals??

So, who wants me to cheer them on at their race next? HAHAHAHAHA.

Next up: supporting the boy through a 22 mile training run. I’ll be on the bike. Definitely good times.

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