Injuries suck.

Why did I go MIA again? Well, being busy and not managing to squeeze everything in, and no internet access at work, is always a contributing factor. But not having any long runs to brag about or overanalyze or show maps of is the real reason.

Because yeah, I’m injured.

You’ll notice on the April 3rd entry that I mention my shins and ART. The next week I struggled through speedwork and the long run, and my shins/calves were pretty tight. I kept icing, ART, and biofreezing, skipping the easy runs and trying to focus on the main ones. And then I couldn’t finish a speedwork session on the following Thursday. I was limping while running and I had to stop and get a ride back.

That weekend, I got fitted for new shoes (Brooks Dyad – less support + Super Feet) and couldn’t run down the block in the fitting without shooting pain. The pain was not just in my shins anymore, I couldn’t run the 10 mile run that Sunday. I rode the bike with the group instead.

On Monday, I saw Dr. Trevor (ART/chiropractor) and he told me to take a week off. So I had to ride the bike for another 10 mile run with the group. Crap. At least I made the most of it:

I acted as pseudo coach and biked along with the runners. I enjoyed being a part of the group, at least! And I haven’t been on the bike since last fall, so that was fun too. Each push down, my ankle area was pretty sore though. By the end of the ride, less so. But still there.

Sooo, not being able to do most cardio things besides biking… I started taking classes at the new hot yoga studio down the block.

In the past, I’ve tried yoga many, many times. And honestly, I’ve found it too boring and slow. I’m just not that quiet of a person. LOL. But with the hot room, dripping sweat, and heart pounding, I actually liked it! AND at the end of the 90 minute classes, my leg didn’t hurt anymore. So I kept going, a lot. I like how hard it is, how stretched out it is making me, how much stronger it is making me. I bought a fancy non-slip towel and mat, even. I’m committed! I plan on still doing it 1-2 days a week, even when I’m running again.

I was also still icing and stretching. But the pain only lessened some, anyways. Every morning, it would be throbbing and hurt as soon as I stepped down on it. It would hurt all day at work. Aleve became my best friend. I got a massage and a pedicure leg massage and iced and rolled and did everything I could think of.

Then last Monday, I saw Dr. Trevor again. He did some more ART. The pain was less but even jogging in place, it wasn’t feeling awesome. He prescribed another week off. UGH.

Which brings us to today. 12 mile run…. or not, for me. I was on the bike for the third long run in a row. I’ve not run for 2 1/2 weeks.


This morning, when I woke up, my ankle did not hurt.

While riding the bike, my ankle did not hurt.

And ::knock on wood::, it still does not hurt.

I see Dr. Trevor tomorrow and I hope I get the clearance to get back out there tomorrow night for a test run. My running buddies Jaqueline and Becky will be doing 5 miles – I plan on joining them for a 2.5 mile loop.

However, as far as my race plans, they are going to have to change. If I can start running again pain free, I am planning on switching my half-marathon entry on May 22nd to the 10k. I’ll go shorter than the rest of the group on my long run days. That way, I should not re-injure myself and ruin my destination race in Chicago the following weekend – Soldier Field 10 mile on May 29th.

Think good, healing thoughts for me tomorrow! Hope to come back to you with a run to post. Damn, I miss it.

But at least I have hot yoga.

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Megan Lynn Smith
    May 02, 2010 @ 20:03:54

    Hot yoga, yes! I love yoga. When I’m finally settled down into an area and have a “real job” I want to find a good yoga class. I’ve only taken one really good one where it was so hot and I sweat worse than I sweat running… that was the best yoga class of my life. ::crossing fingers:: Hope your ankle stays un-hurting!


  2. kilax
    May 03, 2010 @ 14:04:04

    I rode my bike last week when my shin hurt and even pressing down on the pedals sometimes bothers me. I forgot to ask you, did you get an MRI to check for a stress fracture?

    I love that you are so into yoga now! 🙂 I am stil too nervous to try hot yoga.

    Fingers crossed!


  3. thewhatkateateblog
    May 05, 2010 @ 05:51:18

    So glad youre finding hot yoga to not be boring & slow 🙂 Its important to get yourself moving even when you are injured to keep ya self sane!


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