Soldier Field 10 miler – complete!

We did it!

I was able to complete 10 miles without limping! That was my goal.

It wasn’t very pretty though. I kept fairly even splits until mile 7, around 11:15 pace. Walked through water stops but started right back up again. I was going slower than I would have before the injury, which is typical. You lose running speed fast. I was also not pushing it, just trying to keep it steady.

After that, the undertraining wheels came off a bit. I slowed down a lot from the 11:15 pace. I needed extra walk breaks. As I got slower, my run was almost a shuffle, which is not good form at all and I started to feel the beginnings of something in my leg. I actually stopped and stretched it, which I have *never* done in a race before. I had to remind myself that my goal was to finish without limping, and that it was miraculous I’d even made it this far, so not to worry about time or stopping if I needed to.

Plus Erin was super supportive. She stuck with me the whole time, even though I slowed down to a speed that was almost painful for her to do. She’s a true friend. 🙂

At mile 9, something really funny happened. See, Chicago has a system for races indicating the risk factor based on the weather. This was implemented after the extremely hot Chicago marathon where there were deaths related to the heat. So now they have a low-moderate-high-EXTREME system with colored flags. When we got there, Erin saw a green “low” flag. At the first aid station at mile 1.5, there was a yellow “moderate” flag, and we had to laugh. It was sunny out, but breezy by the lake and not particularly humid. In other words, a perfectly gorgeous day. And while overcast and cold is really perfect racing weather, this wasn’t half bad. So back to mile 9. They have put up the black EXTREME flag and are telling everyone the race was going to be closed and to walk the last mile. I looked at Erin and asked, “Really? Do we really have to walk the last mile?” and she says, “hell no!” so we ignored that, as did most runners. Because it was ridiculous. I was not especially hot at all, the heat was not my problem in getting to the finish line. Then as we came into the tunnel (the finish was in the middle of the field), the race volunteers were cheering “nice and easy! Take it in slow!” Hahahahahah. That cracked me up. Who ever tells you to finish slow? It was pretty hilarious.

So we came out on to the field and then I did book it in to the finish. Even injured and undertrained, I do have a fairly strong runner under there, and I busted her out for a charge to the finish. Passed a bunch of people, which was fun. Our time was 1:59:54 – heck yes to the under 2 hours, hahaha. Never has a 12 minute pace made me feel so good.

So, I did it all without limping. We stretched out and I could feel some painful spots in there, so I got ice from the medical tent. And to be honest, some of the pain is back this morning. I’m sure if I tried running again in the next few days, there would be limping involved. So I am going to go back to resting it, hot yoga + cycling, and start seeing doctors to figure out the problem. First step is an xray, which I have an order slip for. I’m suspecting it’s a tendon thing, so I will probably have to keep investigating after the xray shows nothing. But we’ll see.

All in all, it went about as good as I could have hoped. I was expecting a lot worse. Of course, miraculously healed would have been better, but I am not disappointed. I’ll get to the bottom of this and be back running again soon.


Soldier Field 10 miler!

Tomorrow Erin and I are running the Soldier Field 10 miler. That’s right, I’m in Chicago right now, at Erin’s house! It’s awesome.

So, we are not planning on racing tomorrow’s 10 miles because, well, I’m still injured. In fact, I haven’t run at all since May 5th, and my last long run (which was 9 miles) was like, the third weekend in April. So… basically I am not only injured, but undertrained. Ha.

However, my leg is feeling ok. I’ve walked a bunch around Chicago and everything is ok. I’m cautiously optimistic.

You guys can see how we do on Here’s my bib number:

Wish us luck!

We’re all a little crazy

This morning, the amazing Caitlin and the fabulous Jenna joined up with some other cool bloggers to bike 100 miles at the Echelon Gran Fondo. My main job?


Caitlin, don’t be scurred.

Raise the roof instead!

I pretend I have a bike, too.

Caitlin’s dad has a pretty sweet ride:

Cutie pies:

I took a couple more silly videos, too. This is Jill. She came all the way from New York, travelling alone, to ride these 100 miles. HARD CORE, GIRL!!

AAAAAND, they’re off!

I just couldn’t let them bike away! So I chased Team Awesome down the street!

So there you have it. A brush with blogger celebrities and a glimpse into the fact that I am a crazy person. That might not always shine through on this blog, especially when I’m all bummy about not being able to run. But for realsies guys, I’m a class A freak. Jenna DID ask me how many cups of coffee I’d had today. (Answer: 1/2 cup.) I’m just like this 95% of the time. (Hey, everyone has a bad day now and then). I’m just bouncy, pumped up, and cray-zee.

Case in point?

This would be me at the starting line of yesterday’s half marathon:

And guess who got to hand out the finish medals??

So, who wants me to cheer them on at their race next? HAHAHAHAHA.

Next up: supporting the boy through a 22 mile training run. I’ll be on the bike. Definitely good times.

The half marathon that wasn’t.

Well, tomorrow morning is Fiesta Days half marathon. I am definitely upset that not only am I not running it, I can’t even run a mile these days. But I really do think the pain in the ankle is getting lesser each day, so hopefully I’ll be running pain free soon.

At least my registration isn’t going to waste, a very cute boy is going to be running it for me. Too bad it won’t count as my time. 😉 And I get to keep the tech shirt. Can’t have enough of those!

I’ll be at the race tomorrow morning, cheering at the start line, and assisting at the finish. My running buddies Jaqueline and Becky are going to rock it, I know they are.

Though it all, I just have to remember I am still a runner. I’ll be out there again. I hope I win Erin’s Ultimate Runner Giveaway to get some inspiration!


Tonight I took another brave soul to yoga with me, my friend Jeff. He’s a runner and in good shape, and he seemed pretty impressed by the intensity of the class. It’s really an amazing workout. You will never sweat more in your life, I swear.

I found this awesome chart that shows the routine we do in the Hatha classes:

As one of my yoga-doing running friends, Danielle, pointed out to me today, the main thing that is really good about the Hatha classes is that because they are the same pattern every time, it is really easy to see and feel how you’re improving. If you can hold a pose longer or go deeper or something. For instance, I am really working on being able to hold this one for the whole minute:

I can do it, and even hold it for a bit and get pretty deep in to it, but I still fall out of it before the first minute is up. I will conquer it!

The other type of class is the Vinyasa Flow, which is more like typical yoga classes (sun salutations, downward dog, poses of the instructor’s choosing, etc). Hatha is just like that chart. Except you repeat everything twice. In a really hot room.

It’s just… intense. But awesome. In that “I’m sometimes a bit dizzy and might pass out/puke” kind of way.

I am now so stretched out and amazing feeling. And ready for a good night’s sleep. Zzzz!

What’s up, blogosphere?

Well, you might have guessed it. Still not running.

(NOT MY LEG. But kind of what I’ve been doing.)

I limped my way through the Cinco de Mayo run, was told by Coach Carol that I should NOT be running, and drowned my sorrows in margaritas. Oops.

After recovering, I am now taking a full-on break. I am doing hot yoga about three times a week, but it’s not enough to keep the weight from creeping on during the running hiatus. I can feel it.

So, it’s time to head back to the gym. I worked at the YMCA for over two years, teaching spin classes, and it really pains me to have to pay for a gym membership again! But, Coscto sells 2 year memberships to 24 hour fitness for $300. That’s pretty darn cheap per month, and it’ll be all paid up front. I’ve downloaded the one week free pass to give it a try this upcoming week, and then I’ll commit.

Next step: back to clean eating. That one’s tougher.

As for running… well… the half marathon this weekend isn’t happening. Obviously. I’ll be there to cheer on Becky and Jaqueline. But next Saturday, in Chicago, Erin and I WILL be running (or run/walking, as the case may be) the Solider Field 10 miler. I will be seeing Chicago on foot. There’s no doubt about that!

Alert the media! I ran! And I’m going to do it again!

Monday night, I ran. Only 2.5 miles, at an 11:30 pace, but I ran. Without stopping. With minimal limping. 😉 It was tight and sore but not shooting any pain, so I went with it.

I iced afterwards, stretched, and hoped for the best. Yesterday the jury was out. It was a little sore and tight, but again, no PAIN. It was walking the fine line between pain and not. This morning it feels much, much better. No pain.

Tonight there’s a fun Cinco de Mayo run at Fleet Feet (3 miles) followed by a Mexican Fiesta and Coronas. Followed by margaritas downtown! Woo hoo! So three miles easy. You can do it, ankle/leg/whatever the hell has a problem. You can do it.

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