7 miles and a cold lake

I love how my Garmin shows me a little map of where I’ve gone! Here is this morning’s 7 mile long run. My buddy Jaqueline and I stayed together again, with the goal of the 11:30/mi pace on our minds. How did we do?

7.0 miles, 1:20:09, 11:26/mi pace. Rock on!

We felt pretty good for the first couple miles, tackled the overpass hill just fine. We even chugged up the big “into the park” hill really well. We took a water/walk break at around 35 minutes and then continued on our way. I was really dragging through miles 4 and 5, and 5 especially because it was back up the other side of the park hill. We took a second walk break at the top of the hill for some water, and then hauled it back in. We tackled the overpass like pros on the way back and were even silent for a bit while we just concentrated on bringing it on home. Here are the splits and the elevation:

So basically, we felt like rockstars at the end. Cuz we are.

Also, FURTHER proving ourselves rockstars, yesterday we took a trip down to the lake. And swam in it. In March.

Triathlons and half marathons, beware. We are coming for you. MOO.

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  1. cpb7903
    Mar 29, 2010 @ 07:54:16

    An open water swim in March? SO jealous! The water temp here is a chilly 45 degrees. Not even warm enough with a wet suit.


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