First long run of the half training

I love 6 mile long runs! My ideal off-season training is running about 6 miles on the weekend. An hour of running is really perfect, you know? Anyways.

So today was our first long run as a group. We’re starting at 6, then doing the mile step ups one mile per week, but repeating 10 twice. Good times.

There were about… 15? people there this morning. There are two guys who are at the front of the pack, and two women who hang on their heels. They run 8 minute miles or faster. Buh-bye. Then there was a trio of 3 girls, then another pack of three, then two, then myself and Jaqueline, then two behind us. Instead of chasing Alyssa on this run (she was in the two in front of us), I stayed with Jaqueline. I didn’t run yesterday because of some tummy issues and I wanted to make sure I was feeling ok. Plus, I like to talk Jaqueline’s ear off. 😉

Garmin didn’t get a signal for about .25 miles, though the timer started. So my splits are pretty off and I’m not posting them. Heh. We were usually running at an 11:30ish pace, one mile was 11ish. There were 3 decent hills in this run, placed on purpose because the half itself has rolling hills. Here is the map, where I labeled the hills and showed you where Garmin was lame:

We took a 1-2 minute walk break to guzzle water every 20 minutes, but ran the rest of it. It felt really good, not too hard at any point (ok, maybe one of the hills nearly wiped me out), and I finished still smiling and feeling strong and fresh. Our finish time was 1:08, my Garmin thought we’d gone 5.75 miles, but others did hit the 6 mile mark on their watches. Alyssa and her buddy finished at 1:05, so we weren’t really too far behind her anyway. I will definitely run with her on one of the longer runs to see how that goes as well.

Our midweek schedule has us doing easy runs on Monday and Wednesday night, so Jaqueline and I are going to be good girls and follow the plan exactly. Tomorrow night, off we go.

Ok, gotta go grab my laundry. Happy Sunday, all!