New Running Group

So tonight, I started a new running group. I had chosen to live in Vacaville because of the running community, and I am finally taking full advantage of it. Sure, I was dabbling here and there and did join the Solano Stampede group, but I feel more official training with a group FOR something.

Tonight’s group is the Fiesta Half Marathon group at Vacaville Fleet Feet.

We’ll meet Thursday nights and Sunday mornings, training for a half marathon on May 23rd here in town! My friend Jaqueline joined the group as well. I am happy that in addition to Jaqueline, there are about 4 other girls that were there tonight that were around my pace, roughly. I ended up hanging with a girl named Alyssa who pushed me along. I found out that she and I have very similar half marathon PRs (mine: 2:17, hers: 2:15) but her marathon times whooped mine (perhaps because she wasn’t modeling a trash bag at mile 20?) She wants to get faster at her half, and in fact her goal is much steeper than mine: she wants to hit 2:00. I figure if I can just chase after her, my 2:11 will come. 😉

So tonight it was about 3 miles, and I struggled. I haven’t been running harder, faster, at a strong pace and holding it, for a long time. Two weekends ago, when I ran with the bloggers, I did a sub-10 first mile and then had to back it way down. I want to be able to hold 10 minute miles for longer and longer. Also, it was freakishly warm out tonight. Yay Spring, but man those 10 degrees made a difference! Anyways, this run was actually pretty tough for me and I’m almost ashamed to admit that, because I know it shows how far I’ve backslid. But here it is, the starting run for the Fiesta Half marathon:

Our running plan has 4 days per week running – easy runs Mon/Wed, speedwork as a group on Thursdays, long runs as a group on Sundays. Sometimes I will switch Monday and Tuesday, I’m thinking, so I can go to that crazy Tuesday run I like. 🙂

I can feel myself getting faster already.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. jawsome
    Mar 19, 2010 @ 08:21:26

    Way to go – I’m sure running with a group training for something will help you get back in the groove!


  2. Erin
    Mar 19, 2010 @ 09:25:05

    Definitely chase that gal with the 2:00 goal! You will get so much faster you won’t believe it. It WILL be hard work but before you know it you’ll be hanging at 10 minute miles no problem.


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