Random fly by

Here are some random things:

1. Last night I did that 7+ mile hilly crazy run with the Fleet Feet peeps again. And again, it was a killer. But this time, a blog reader came down to meet me and do it with me! Selena was awesome. I am stoked to have another running buddy nearby!

2. I made pickle roll ups for Super Bowl a few weeks ago. Probably doesn’t count as healthy. But delicious….

As was the rest of the food at the party:

I only tried a little bit of each thing:

3. On Sunday I went trail running at this gorgeous location:

4. My knees are not a fan of four days running in a row (7 on Saturday, 3ish on Sunday, 4 on Monday, and 7.7 last night). Tonight was a well earned rest night.


Amazing fruit plate

Yesterday at work, I asked the kitchen to make me a cottage cheese and fruit plate at about 11 am. I was hungry and needed a snack to hold me over until lunch at 1 pm. I was picturing some melon slices and a small scoop of cottage cheese on a saucer sized plate. What I was presented with was this amazing creation:

Heaven on earth. So what if the dietary aides are trying to bribe me into saying their kitchen is meeting state guidelines? 😉

I just love fruit/cottage cheese mixes and fruit/yogurt mixes. Which is why I want to win this Chobani Giveaway. Pick me, random number generator, pick me!!

Running surprise

So, as previously mentioned, my plan to get faster included running with the Tuesday night group from the Vacaville Fleet Feet. I knew they’d all be faster than me, so I was hoping for a sort of tempo run, working on running at 10:00 miles and under. I figured 3-4 miles, like the Santa Rosa Fleet Feet used to do.

Well, you know what they say about assuming. Let’s just start out by mentioning that the run was not flat. In fact, it involved Wykoff hill, a hill so infamous that when I googled it, it came up in this article about Kyle DeVan, the local boy who plays for the Colts and was in the Super Bowl this weekend, and how he uses the steep hill to train. Needless to say, the view from the top was amazing, though I was breathing too hard to really enjoy it. I also had to walk some of the middle of it. New training goal: make it up Wykoff hill without walking.

But let’s continue on to mention that it wasn’t the only hill, and those hills were nestled into a 7.26 mile run. I have never done over 5 miles on an evening run previously. What a mileage PR!

Here’s where we went, all around Vacaville:

Check out this elevation chart:

Because of the hilliness of the run and how wiped out I got, none of my splits are under 10:00 miles. The average pace ended up being 11:29. There were 4 other guys and one girl. They promised to not leave me behind, and they kept to their word. They went up ahead on that hill but waited for me at the top, and even let me walk it off a little bit and let my heart rate come down before we continued on.

Pace chart (Wykoff hill was on mile 3, obv. There was also a big hill before it, and the other large-ish hill was in mile 5):

If you can’t tell from the way I am posting about this run, I am extremely proud of myself and plan to return again and again. It’s going to make me stronger, faster, and all around a better runner. Thank you Fleet Feet runners! 🙂

Always eat breakfast

I love making quick, healthy breakfasts. Here are two of my favorites:

1. Cottage cheese, pineapples, and fiber one:

2. Whole wheat english muffin, peanut butter, and dried cranberries:

My third fave is Greek yogurt (my favorite brand is Fage), granola, and berries (blackberries, blueberries, or raspberries).

When I am in a big rush to get out the door, I grab a banana and a granola bar. I am usually too lazy for oatmeal or eggs, but I really should get into the habit of rotating them in.

And I need a blender to make Green Monsters!

And there you have my breakfast repertoire. I love sweet things for breakfast, so I should try some pancakes or waffles sometime! Or baked apples with cinnamon. Food blogs give me so many ideas. 🙂

Dinner with my kitty

I had a delicious dinner tonight. It’s a chicken tenderloin served over broccoli and cauliflower, topped with mango chutney. I LOVE chutney.

Jasmine enjoyed her dinner with me:

Yes, she eats with her paws. It’s adorable. 🙂

Let’s talk about running. Cuz I am running! Just not very fast. 😦

I want to get faster. This means I need to do a few things:

1. Run more times per week

2. Run faster during the week

3. Eat healthier/lose weight

So, the plan is this:

Mondays – recovery run 3ish miles, not so fast
Tuesdays – faster run from Fleet Feet, 4-5 miles
Wednesdays – crosstraining
Thursdays – speed work, on track
Friday – rest day
Saturday – long runs, with SacFit. This Saturday we’re doing 6 miles, run/walk.
Sundays – rest from running, possibly cross train

And well, Weight Watchers. Actually tracking. Getting a handle on my eating. Which hasn’t been going so well, honestly. But I am not giving up.

I want to be updating this blog more, and eating better foods to show off. My goal right now is 3 posts per week. Here goes nothing.