Where have I been?

You just can’t predict life. You know?

I’m moved in to my new place. We got internet, it went out, and now it’s back. So I could be posting. This is true.

But somewhere along the way, I lost my way a bit. I try to eat healthy, and it goes to shit. Same old story, you know? Now I’ve got a kitchen but I still feel like a stranger in my own home. Maybe if I get my own kitchen stuff out of storage, I’ll feel more like cooking.

But maybe not.

The truth is, this is hard for me. It doesn’t come naturally – the cooking healthy, the grocery shopping, any of it. Add in some nasty PMS and you’ve got a recipe for disaster (pun intended).

But I’ve got a few things going for me.

1. I joined Weight Watchers. I’m mostly needing the weekly support and reminders. I’m definitely sucking at the tracking so far. But I’m going to keep going to meetings and going to keep trying to track.

2. I’m finally wading through all those magazines that have piled up for the past few months. I’m pulling out recipes that look good and hopefully that will inspire me to make some.

3. I’ve got someone I’m excited to cook for. That’s as much as I’ll say on this public blog, but I do forsee some dinners being planned and having some inspiration to attempt a good, healthy meal will help me get into the swing of things.

4. I’m hosting a girl’s night at my house on Feb 13th and I’m cooking for all of them. Another challenge to get me going.

In the meantime, I did photograph one delicious lunch that I was proud of. It’s a turkey sandwich with greek olive flavored hummus, spread on homemade sourdough bread (which was baked by my friend’s dad). It was fantastic:

I don’t ever envision myself being a daily food blogger, but I’d like to get back into the habit of writing about my running, while adding in cool and interesting meals I’ve cooked. Posting every day won’t be the goal, but maybe three times a week?

I apologize for being so MIA and hope you’ll forgive me as I try to get into the groove. I feel like I have a whole different life than I used to… and you know, I actually kind of do. I live in a different town, my job changed (still at nursing homes, but the locations have changed), I’ve got some new friends and a new distraction. It’s bound to be a little bumpy. But I’ll find my way.


I cooked!

I made Brooke and I taco salads for dinner! Ground turkey and black beans in taco seasoning, served on a bed of lettuce with cheese, olives, and salsa on top. There may have been some unpictured tortilla chips as well. NOM.

Technical difficulties

Well, I’m moved in to my new place, and I’ve even done a small grocery shop, but blogging remains difficult due to no internet at home until the 20th! Makes it hard to take and post photos, you know? But if I make a good meal or go on a run I’m really proud of, I’ll make a quick phone post like so. Just so you know I’m alive!

This morning I am enjoying some greek yogurt mixed with pumpkin, topped with walnut pieces. And coffee, of course, in a cool cup that my brother’s girlfriend got me for Christmas. There are 6 big cities on the cups. It’s like I’m traveling in my own home. 🙂