Thanksgiving Numero Uno

Yesterday I had my first of two Thanksgiving dinners with some friends because my family big meal is on Thursday. I was really excited to celebrate with friends! Also, my friend Liz helped me remember to take photos of the food because she likes reading my blog. Hi Liz!

So what did we have?

Well, our hostess, Jeannine, made a beautiful bird:

Which she stuffed with this stuffing:

She also made the mashed taters:

And, as you may have noticed, broke out the silver and the fancy china!

One of the other guests, Tina, made a cranberry chutney:

And also contributed baked sweet potatoes and asparagus:

I made the casserole:

I chose my plate carefully, and only selected my most favorite of foods. Beleive it or not, I am not a huge mashed potato or stuffing lover. I know, blasphemy, right? But I knew I’d be eating plenty of food so I skipped them (sorry Jeannine!) I had turkey with lots of chutney, a big hunk of sweet potato, and broccoli casserole. Also some unpictured asparagus. And seconds of casserole. 😉

After dinner, we had some coffee made in the cutest little pot:

And eventually I was ready for pie. Jeannine made a homemade pumpkin pie and a homemade mincemeat apple pie. Tina made a homemade apple crisp. All delectable:

My dessert plate:

We ended the evening by playing a long game of Five Crowns which was new to me:

Good fun and good food! We wrapped up at 10 pm and I headed home.

Then, like a crazy person, I stayed up until 1 am, when my mom and I left for Black Friday shopping with her friends. We went to the outlet malls (GAP, a kitchen store, and Dress Barn), then to Old Navy, and finally Kohl’s. I got a couple things at GAP (most noticablly replacement boots for my tall black boots… in both black and brown!), a pair of brown work pants at Dress Barn, and a cute dress & tights from Kohl’s that will be for Sunday’s Thanksgiving Feast but will also double as a work outfit. I wasn’t terribly impressed with Old Navy.

This was my first Black Friday, and I can see the advantages and the deals that can be had. I don’t have money this holiday season, and had also previously ordered gifts for all my girlfriends using some stashed money from paid blog posts I’ve done, so I really wasn’t in the market for gift shopping. Next year, I think I will try to actually take advantage of it the right way – save up money specifically for gift shopping, make a list of people, hunt the ads, and have a plan going in. Kohl’s had some of the BEST deals on bedding and kitchen appliances and whatnot, and I plan to make a killing there next year.

I ended up being awake from 6:30 am on Thursday (because of the Turkey Trot I ran in the morning) all the way until almost 7:30 am this morning. I was feeling pretty ill by the time I got to bed. I slept until 3 pm, so almost the full 8 hours. So at least I got my sleep in. Now I just need to get to bed at a normal hour tonight so I get back on schedule. Tomorrow morning is my final taper run – 8 miles at 8 am!

Good night. Gobble gobble!

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