Regular programming on hold

Ok, so on top of all the other work stress, one of my buildings is now under state survey. I have to change my schedule to go there tomorrow instead of Friday, shifting around my whole week. I worked until 7:45 pm tonight to get one facility caught up before I go MIA. It’s pretty much chaos. Oh, and exercise? Meh. I do have a running date with a new friend tomorrow night though, so hopefully I will be able to keep that!

So here’s some food from Sunday, and I may be in and out the next couple days. Bear with me!

I had some unphotographed coffee and creamer when I woke up.

Then a really late breakfast of an egg burrito and banana:

Snack and a massage:

Whole Foods dinner (only ate a few bites of the salad, so I had that for lunch today instead)

Ok, time for a ridiculously early bedtime! Night!

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