Dealing with stress

I am really struggling with stress this week. Yes, there’s the divorce and the money stuff and the not living on place stuff, that’s ever present. But the one thing that was stable was my new job. And that has been hell this week. I work for 5 different nursing homes, and 2 of them put undue pressure on me this week, and then yesterday I made a big mistake at a third (on my first day working there, no less). I feel like a huge strew up, and I’m just constantly at stress level high. I hope things relax soon. Because right now, the job is the one thing going for me, and I can’t afford for it to either be this stressful, or to not have it at all.

My eats were pretty good though. I made oatmeal mixed with Nutella:

I was trying to give myself a little Christmas spirit with the mug. I used to love Christmas, but my ex ruined it for me and I want my joy back.

I purchased a salad at Safeway for lunch:

It was good! I used the method of dipping my fork in the dressing so I didn’t even use half of it.

I had this odd candy for a snack, they had them at the nursing home:

I liked it! Makes me want to have more dried fruits in chocolate.

I came home really stressed but determined to go run in an hour. So I ate a Run Glo Bar:

The run was really good. A new girl showed up that had never ran with them before, and she was close to my pace. We did two sets of 3 x 800, and she went a lot faster than she thought! She thought she couldn’t go under 11:00 miles, but our pace on all of them was around 9:30. She was VERY excited about it (as she should be!) We talked a lot while running and I’ve definitely made a new friend! She asked for my number and we’re going to meet up to run next week! Eee!

I came home to a nice dinner that Brooke made – roasted potatoes and a meatloaf made from ground turkey. I added the salad:

She also made some sugar cookies that I had with some decaf coffee while we were watching Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice. They were yum. And that was it!

Off to work and then my mom’s house for the weekend. See you on Sunday with my eats, and the report of my 22 mile run tomorrow. Last big long one before the marathon!

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kelly from Bridges and Bites
    Nov 13, 2009 @ 10:08:24

    I’m excited that you’re reclaiming Christmas. It’s as you should. 🙂

    Yay for new running partners too! I haven’t taken up running yet, but it’s something that I’d like to do eventually.


  2. kilax
    Nov 13, 2009 @ 15:22:53

    I hope the people at your work were nice about the mess-up since it was only your first day! I hope next week is better.

    How exciting that you met a new running friend! 🙂


  3. thebalancebroad
    Nov 14, 2009 @ 08:50:27

    Christmas is my favorite holiday…you should definitely reclaim it! There’s just so much joy then, ya know? I am a huge cheeseball, but I look forward to it all year long. 🙂

    I can’t wait to hear about your run!! Good luck!!


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