Rough day for vegetables

Check out what I got last night:

That’s right! FASTRACK, BAYBEE.

First thing today, I got my Nutella fix:

Then I got attacked by another fundraiser at work:

It was REALLY good, and homemade by the director of nursing. Treats like these should always be splurged on, they are worth it SO much more than store bought treats.

At lunch, all that was left was the main course:

It’s a fish fillet coated in cereal (rice krispies!) and baked. It was good!

Which I had with the first non diet soda I’d had in a loooong time:

Mid afternoon snack was vanilla ice cream, nursing home style:

It’s pre-measured to be 1/2 cup.

I worked a looooong day. With a two hour commute. We had a mock survey and well, I had a LOT to do. It made me miss all of the Crossfit sessions I could have gone to. 😦

When I got home, EASY was the only requirement for dinner. Sadly, veggies not included. (I might also note that my security deposit is yet to be returned, although my ex husband and ex roommate have already taken their shares. Meaning – no money for groceries.)

Therefore, I had chili, cheese, and crackers with a side of So You Think You Can Dance:

I admit, not my healthiest day. You’re catching me on a week of MAJOR work stress (the most I’ve had since starting the job) and without money and time. Meanwhile, I’m not living in my own house. Some big obstacles. But I will overcome.

1. I will have oatmeal for breakfast
2. I will go running
3. I will have salad with dinner

Baby steps.

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  1. Erin
    Nov 12, 2009 @ 13:03:27

    Yep, I’ve totally had days like that. That’s a good idea to plan out your goals for today. Hopefully you can hit all of them!

    I also agree that splurging on yummy homemade treats is totally worth it. Especially when it’s baklava. Yum!!


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