Love in a Latte

My morning brew loved me:


Justine and I went to her local coffee shop for a lovely breakfast where I went on and on and onnnnnnn about all my life and love and divorce woes. Let me tell you what, I am a weird mix of emotions right now. I’m a optimistic cheery person by nature, and so I keep trying to be that because I don’t know how to NOT be that, and it seems to make people uncomfortable when I’m not. So… I keep on the happy face. Kinda. Cuz it’s weird, and it’s forced. And it’s not like I’m crying in bed all the time, but I am hurting a lot. Sometimes. Sometimes I’m numb.

Wow, tangent. I don’t even know where that was going. Stream of consciousness at it’s best, I guess?

Let’s go back to food. Delicious food. I had an artichoke quiche with my latte:

It kept me going all morning… I need to have eggs for breakfast more often! It was good I had a good breakfast because look what I had to tackle for my morning commute:

That’s right, there are SIX FREEWAYS in a row. Um…..

Let’s continue yesterday’s “Facts about Holly” with number 3: I get horribly lost WHEREVER I go. Seriously. I hope some of my real life friends comment on this entry to testify to my issues with this. I have no internal compass. I will get lost going the same place I’ve been a thousand times. I’m always in the wrong lane. I’ve ended up 30 minutes in the wrong direction several times. So to say I was intimidated by the above directions… understatement!

But I shall cut the suspense and let you all know that I made it. Didn’t take a wrong turn at all. Success!!

So, I’ll be honest. It was a very stressful workday for me. This was my first day working this facility and I had a huge list of residents to see and a time restriction. I basically felt anxious all day. I took my plate of nursing home food outside to get some fresh air:

And I have to say… it really wasn’t that good. The meat was tough, I don’t love cooked carrots, and the rice wasn’t sticky like fried rice should be. I did still eat about 3/4 of the meal though. I was hungry and the stress was getting to me.

I also had a slice of the German chocolate cake:

And get this. My afternoon snack was a cookie. And I only just now realized I had cake AND a cookie within a few hours. Hello, stress eating?

Dinner tonight was made by Brooke (that’s my best friend who is currently letting me live with her). She made vegetarian burritos with beans, corn, shredded carrots and zucchini:

I made us a hummus plate to share with dinner:

We ate all of that, plus some whole wheat pita chips to finish off the hummus.

Here’s to a less stressful day today… I hope. I do have a to-do list of over 30 people to see, which cannot all be done today. But as long as I get a good chunk done and feel like I’ve done a good and complete job, I’m cool.

Happy hump day everyone!

6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kelly from Bridges and Bites
    Nov 11, 2009 @ 07:32:30

    I tend to get really lost as well. It can be traumatic at times! I’m sorry your day wasn’t going very well. Here’s some foodie hugs from across the internet and well wishes for a better day. 🙂


  2. jenn
    Nov 11, 2009 @ 10:26:22

    i loved that coffee place!


  3. Sarah
    Nov 11, 2009 @ 11:12:37

    Hey Holly– I just found your blog, and I think it’s great! It’s bookmarked now, and I’m looking forward to seeing your food adventures. 🙂


  4. thebalancebroad
    Nov 11, 2009 @ 13:03:08

    I know what you mean about a “happy face.” People expect who you’ve always been, and when you’re not that person or feeling those feelings, it’s kind of in our nature to play on like we are. Your close friends surely will understand your ups/downs right now. Here’s hoping for a better day today. 🙂


  5. LC
    Nov 11, 2009 @ 17:08:32

    But you made it to the blogger meetup in a VERY timely manner 🙂 I suggest buying a car with GPS built in. I am not overstating when I say it has changed my life. Just knowing I can push the “home” button when I’m hopelessly lost is the best feeling.


    • Holly
      Nov 11, 2009 @ 20:32:01

      Well, I just bought a used car and there’s no GPS in it! But I am definitely getting one for Christmas, whether it’s purchased for me or not!


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