So YOU think you can dance?

I’m having a “catching up on TV” night. When I don’t see a show as it airs, I watch it online later. First tonight I watched last night’s Gossip Girl (holy COW), and now I’m watching last week’s So You Think You Can Dance. I’m a whole week behind. But I love performances at any time.

Two facts about me:

1. I was a dancer in my younger years! Yes! I was in ballet for a couple years, then did a little tap and jazz afterwards (I was good at tap, TERRIBLE at jazz). I also learned to swing dance a few years back.

2. I cry at performances quite often. I have literally cried at COLOR GUARD PERFORMANCES. Yeah. I also cry at weddings (both ceremonies and toasts). I saw a proposal last week, people I’d never met before, and I teared up. HUGE SAP ALERT. So um, I may be crying at my screen later. Just sayin’.

On to yesterday’s eats….

I started the morning off right with a lovely yogurt and crushed granola bar:

This next snack was sent to me by a reader, Lindsay. It was DELICIOUS. Everything should come in Pumpkin flavor:

Look what’s inside:

My nursing home was having a bake sale. For $1 (benefiting their Christmas party) I got this delicious fudge:

And oh yes, I ate it all. And enjoyed it.

I did partake in some nursing home food for lunch:

The residents got spaghetti, but apparently they were out of noodles so I just got the meatballs. Hahahahah! I only ate half the zucchini (part was too mushy) and half the bread.

And then it was off to the city for the blogger meetup! Here’s the much lesser quality group shot I took on my camera:

You can see the token male, Mike! He took the other photo and I sat in his spot.

For dinner I had their California Veggie Burger. It was made with beets and lentils! It was really, really good. Soft and squishy as opposed to crunchy. SO to me, I would have loved to have the mixture on top of greens even more than on bread. But it was delish!

I also ordered some mango spring rolls and shared them with Kath and Chelsea:

Chelsea ordered a hummus plate, and I tried a smear. SO GOOD!

Before we left, I got a photo with the star of the night, Kath:

She was really friendly, had a cute accent, and chatted it up with everyone. (Ok, let’s be honest, I chatted her ear off. Plus Chrissy, Chelsea, and everyone else near me. What can I say, I’M a “Chatty Cathy”, more than Kath herself!)

All in all, a great night! I became friends with some new bloggers, like Amber and Lauren, ate delicious food, and met a blogging celebrity. What more can you ask from a Monday night?

Afterwards, I drove over to my friend Justine’s house in the San Francisco ‘burbs. We had tea, I showed her Kath’s blog and we watched her pomegranate video, and we watched How I Met Your Mother, which is always a good time. We stayed up chatting until we were both yawning our heads off — it was a work night! So off we went. Night!

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  1. Jeannine
    Nov 11, 2009 @ 00:19:34

    Dude, can you just be my personal food shopper? You always find the most delicious things, or put ordinary things together in an amazing way. I have no food-magination!


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