Playing catch up

My computer is set up! Wooo!

Let’s flash back in time to Friday:

Coffee and oatmeal with banana

Pirate Dietitian!

Trick or treat!

Nursing home lasagna and broccoli

Festive snack

Bar food! I got a 1/2 salad and an order of calimari. With beer. I drank half of it, and later drank half of a pomegranate cider.

Also, there was a “birthday” apple cobbler type dessert that someone photographed, but it wasn’t me, so I don’t have it yet!

Then like I mentioned, there were no photos and complete mayhem as far as food was concerned. No photos on Sunday either, but it went like this:

– Ham & cheese scrambled eggs
– 2 slices of leftover Papa Murphy’s pizza
– Flipz! chocolate pretzels while driving
– Penne pasta with tomatoes and stewed meat sauce, garlic bread
– One chocolate cupcake

And now you’re caught up! I’ll resume the morning posting tomorrow. šŸ™‚

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