My first acupunture!

Yesterday went pretty well, actually!

Started it off with the rest of the Fage and a peanut butter Nature’s Valley granola bar:

I worked a half day at the nursing home in the morning. I actually left before I would have been served lunch, but I’d prepared for that, bringing the other half of the hummus sandwich with me:

I added some Nilla wafers and a mini diet cola to the side.

At 1:30, I gave a presentation on diabetes at Santa Rosa Senior Center. I did have a few pieces of fruit and veggies with hummus from the table, unphotographed.

I was all done at 3:30, early day! It was lovely! I came home to an empty house (no ex husband or roommate!) and managed to take about an hour nap. Aaaaah.

When I awoke, the Halloween Healing Event at my chiropractor’s office was already going. I got dressed and headed over. I had a couple mini size candy things and a quarter of a cupcake:

I got signed up for the free healing treatments and then spent my time perusing the haunted house they’d set up and checking out the cute kids in costume. My favorite was a monkey! He was about 2.

Then I got an adjustment by Dr. Lana, one of my favorite people ever. It was wonderful to reconnect with her. I hadn’t seen her in months, ever since our financial situation really tanked. Felt great to get adjusted. I followed that up with a chair massage, which was lovely and really released some tension in my shoulders/neck.

After that, I got my first acupuncture! She felt my pulse and said I had disturbances in my lungs. That doesn’t necessarily mean my lungs are weak (heck, training for a marathon, not weak!) but she said it feels like that when you have trouble “letting go”. Bingo!

She put some “seeds” on my right ear, which I am supposed to leave on and press on for 3-5 seconds about 3 times a day. They are in three spots: a spot for my spirit, a spot for my lungs, and another one for stress.

They are held on with tape so I can pull them off when I’m done.

Also she gave me a teaser needle in my left ear. It’s in the spirit spot. 🙂

I left it in for close to an hour. When I pulled it out, it bled a bit! Didn’t expect that.

I’ll have to report back on if I feel any better or more centered from the experience, and how the seeds work. Remind me in a few days, k?

I came home to another frozen meal. This one I prepared in the oven:

It was simply delicious! I love lentils, and cilantro flavoring was fantastic. The little breadstick spoon was cute AND tasty.

Today I have a long commute, for the last time! Soon my Fridays will be my shortest commute (Fairfield, which is over an hour from Santa Rosa, is only 15 minutes from Vacaville!) I’m dressing up a bit for the nursing home today, I’ve got a peasant type shirt on with my black slacks, a pirate hat, a big hoop earring, and some jangly coin necklaces. Arrr, matey!

During the day, my ex will be moving out, so I will come home to a house with only my stuff left. I’ll finish throwing the last bits in boxes and then I’m having a Goodbye Bash at a local brewpub/restaurant. Hopefully I’ll get to see a few more people I’m going to miss before I go.

Exciting giveaway before I go: Zesty gives away another Blog Makeover! I would like to win that SO much! I want my new blog to get more popular and be not only snazzy LOOKING, but have all of the cool features like retweeting entries or posting it to Facebook. Here’s hoping!!


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  1. Carrie
    Oct 30, 2009 @ 11:03:51

    Hi Holly! I just got all caught up on this week. I have to tell you how much I appreciate all the great food ideas. You continue to motivate me to do better, even with all you are going thru now. You are amazing. The acupuncture sounds so cool. I hope the stress relief works and you get some relief. Hang in there!


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