Day on the road

Yesterday was a heavy driving day. I woke up at my friend Brooke’s house (which is where I’ll be living after this weekend) and headed off to Concord. It’s still a 45 minute commute, over a bridge. But much better than it being twice as far from Santa Rosa!

I hit up Starbucks on my way out of town because I don’t have food at Brooke’s house yet, and she was still sleeping, and I didn’t want to rustle around in there. I got a “meal deal” which was a tall latte and a choice of coffee cake. I chose the reduced fat very berry. It was delicious.

Once in Concord, I charted nonstop for 3 hours. I could feel my tummy rumbling but I know I was going to get food after leaving. I’d spotted a Togo’s on the way in to town, so I decided I’d go there and get one of my favorites that I hadn’t had in WAY too long — the hummus sandwich!

I got it on whole wheat, no mayo, all veggies except for onions. I only ate half – the other half is in my fridge!

I had it with a diet coke and these:

I then commuted those 90 minutes back home and made it just in time to coach Girls on the Run. We finished up at 4, so I had an hour to spare to run home, get a snack, and watch Gossip Girl:

That’s a big Fage container, so I only ate down until the granola stopped and then I put the lid on and put IT back in the fridge.

I needed that big snack because I hit up my last Santa Rosa Fleet Feet fun run at 5:30. So sad! I’ll have the Vacaville runs soon enough, but this was my parting trip. It went pretty well, too, except for one small big thing — my Garmin wouldn’t turn on! I had a mini freak out, but then did the run without it. And we hauled butt, 4.88 miles in 48 minutes, so under a 10:00 pace. Rock on!

When I got home, I researched ways to reboot the Garmin. I’d heard this could be done, and last time my Garmin did this, I just exchanged it at REI, meaning I lose some of my running data. This time, I hadn’t uploaded any data since my laptop died over a MONTH ago. My 20 miler! Nooooooo! I was determined to fix it and then get my data uploaded ASAP.

Luckily, the fix worked. Holding mode and enter down and then quickly pressing power did the trick. I then installed SportTracks on this computer, which required me to install Microsoft >NET, then had to download the drivers for the Garmin, and then got my backup logs from the flash drive… it was quite the debacle!

I think some runs are missing on there (I don’t think the 15 miler connected), but most made it. I manually entered tonight’s run, and there ya go. I’m sure my yearly totals will be slightly off. Oh well. At least some were salvaged, and I had a great, fast run last night.

After all that computer tinkering and a shower, I was hungry! I got myself some frozen meals to make it through the rest of the week with no plates and no cookware. Here’s tonight’s:

It was pretty good! I lived off frozen meals for lunch when I worked in an office though, so I guess I find them appetizing. 🙂

Ok, off to work I go! Only two more days until I move!

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  1. Julienne
    Oct 29, 2009 @ 12:37:53

    That frozen lasagna looks delicious!


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