Two meals at the nursing home

Catching up! I’m home now and the papers have been served. Only a few more steps to go.

Backing up, here’s yesterday’s eats. I had to rush out the door to be at the courthouse at 8 am sharp, so a simple english muffin with pb was the way to go:

I was there for TWO HOURS and then my commute was made longer by backtracking, so I didn’t arrive at work until 11:15. I was STARVING so I made myself a snack:

Tuna on a sourdough english muffin, two graham crackers, and a mini diet cola.

You already saw my snack – the mini m&m’s. There may have been some stray tootsie rolls as well.

I had my lunch later and reheated it. It wasn’t bad:

“Crispy” chicken, mashed potatoes, and spinach. The crispy chicken is baked. And I left 1/2 of the mashed potatoes.

And then, because I worked until 6 pm to make up for my late start, I ate the dinner there too. It’s good for me to sample a different meal, actually. And as many of the residents reported, dinner was NOT as good:

Breaded fish patty with tartar sauce, fires, and veggies. Like fast food. 😦

And at Brooke’s house I had a bowl of popcorn with garlic salt on it and a pomegranate tequila. Nice. 🙂

Ok, time to hit the hay! I’ll get caught up again with my food from today in the morning post. Night!

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