Forgetful food blogger

Hello, blogland! I got my “new” computer up and running. It’s actually my ex’s oldest desktop computer, the one that’s not good enough to run World of Warcraft, so I’m getting to take it with me. I managed to get it cleaned up a bit and uploading my pictures, so that works for me!

Last night, I was very diligent and photographed the delicious dinner my friend Justine prepared for us 6 theatre-goers:

The bread/cheese tray (of which I partook in heavily!) and the salad bowl.

My plate:

She made pasta with a fantastic ratatouille-inspired eggplant and other veggies sauce as the main dish. And I had way more bread and cheese than that.

After that feast, we got all gussied up and went out to see RENT. It was just fabulous and I am so thrilled I got to go!

We crashed out hard after midnight, and awoke a bit groggy-eyed this morning. We went to coffee, where I ordered a vanilla latte and an amazing artichoke quiche, and completely forgot to photograph it! In fact, I didn’t even realize I forgot until HOURS later. My goodness.

Later that afternoon, a bunch of us went to visit Justine’s sister, Amy. She put out some food, including MORE bread and cheese, plus cucumbers and carrots with hummus, salt and vinegar chips, and tortilla chips with salsa. I also ate about three fresh figs from her tree.

I think it was after I was done eating here that I realized I had forgotten to food blog all day. Strike two for Healthy Holly!

Amy drove me home, and on the way I told her about my new blog and my forgetfulness. So she helped me remember to photograph dinner when we stopped at Mary’s Pizza Shack! Yay!

We split the spinach salad, here’s my plate:

And we also split a “Napoletana” pizza, which wasn’t as good as we’d hoped:

We thought there’d be a lot more basil, and we didn’t expect the toppings to totally fall off! My messy plate:

Nevertheless, it was still a nice thin crust with tomatoes and cheese, and Amy hammed it up for the blog:

And now I am ready to crash! I promise I’ll remember to food blog tomorrow. 🙂

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  1. krista
    Oct 19, 2009 @ 05:17:40

    Isn’t crazy how something simple like pizza (dough, sauce, toppings, cheese) can turn out so differently at different places? That one *looks* good, but that’s because I love tomatoes.

    About the photos- I’m sure it’s not real intuitive to stop and snap a photo before chowing down and I’d probably forget to take pictures for DAYS at a time! 😛


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