16 miles till RENT

This morning I *may* have gotten up and reset my alarm for an hour later. Possibly. Which was not the smartest decision when living in California and staring down a 16 mile run. Ah, well.

Once I DID get up, I made myself a double sized bowl of yogurt, with pumpkin and granola. With coffee and creamer, of course:

I used two cartons of vanilla oikos for this. I knew I needed the fuel.

I also packed up my long run fuel:

I always bring more than I need. Today I had three of those Gu packets, the pineapple (which was new to me and I liked it!), the espresso, and the pomegranate blueberry. I also used two of the Nuun tablets along the way.

I didn’t really start moving until a little after 8:30. It was really a mental struggle, this one. I don’t like to run alone! My bad voices kept telling me to turn around at certain spots, that “it would be ok.” Well, I have a marathon to run, so it will NOT be ok if I don’t finish! Well, even though I had to take a couple stops (I paused for a couple minutes at the 8 mile halfway point, and I stopped for several more minutes at 13.5 miles when I found an oasis a drinking fountain after I’d been out of water for three miles) I did it. My longest run to date:

I came home and guzzled some chocolate milk:

I also ate a banana that David (the ex) handed me, but it didn’t even occur to me to photograph it as I scarfed it down.

After I took an ice bath and then a regular shower, I finally made a real lunch:

That’s tuna made with plain Oikos, on a whole wheat english muffin. With spinach.

I did turn it into a closed face sandwich. 😉

On the side there is the rest of the container of Oikos (it didn’t all go in the tuna) with walnuts and a drizzle of strawberry jam.

And that’s all you’re going to get from me tonight, because shortly I am getting picked up by my friends and we’re heading to San Francisco to see…. RENT!!!

It is my all-time favorite Broadway show, and I saw it last time it was here… over 8 years ago. And this time, TWO of the original cast members are touring!!! Mark (Anthony Rapp) and Roger (Adam Pascal)!!!

To say I am thrilled is an understatement!!! Enter loads of exclamation points!!!!!

While I am gone, David is supposed to be switching out computers for me and reformatting the hard drive of the one I get to take with me. So hopefully that is up and running when I return tomorrow night. I’ll take photos for you all! Hasta!

5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Erin
    Oct 17, 2009 @ 16:30:52

    What a fabulous reward for yourself 🙂

    Also, that is a lot of Greek yogurt in one day!


    • Holly
      Oct 19, 2009 @ 12:52:59

      I have a bit of a Greek yogurt problem. When I buy it, I go through it all super fast. I’m out today, it’s very sad. On the bright side — last time I was on antibiotics, it helped me avoid the yeast infection ! Huzzah!


  2. kilax
    Oct 17, 2009 @ 16:41:23

    I love Rent! I even thought the movie version they made of it was good.

    Great job on your 16-miler! Wish I could have been there to join you! 🙂


  3. krista
    Oct 18, 2009 @ 10:10:08

    Wow – way to go!!


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