New life…. new car

My ex husband and I own one car, a ’93 Saturn with over 200k miles on it. It leaks oil, but other than that, runs great. It’s a good car, but needs some TLC to make sure it keeps on kickin’. And, let’s be honest. It also has no a/c, ripped seats, a broken sunroof, body damage, and broken seals on the doors (which means the rain comes on in and I end up at work with a wet butt).

Because of my new job and the commuting involved, we decided I got to keep the car. Not because I wanted it specifically, not because I wanted to screw him out of the car, simply because I have to commute to work and if I don’t, I don’t have this amazing job that is the crux of my moving onward and upward. So although I was getting the one car (and leaving the poor ex with only a two wheeled “vehicle” to get to work), I have been very aware of the fact that while it’s a good car now, it’s not going to last.

So, I went car shopping with this weekend. I didn’t intend to buy a car right away. Not because I was scared I’d be rushing into it or that I’d impulse buy, but because I was sure that I’d need a down payment to get a car loan. I figured I needed a good 2-3 months to save up, so I figured I’d see what was out there and get an idea of why my down payment would get me.

I test drove a few cars, used ones, brand new ones, and I looked at a gazillion more than I drove. I got attacked by some really pushy salespeople and also talked with some helpful and not pushy salespeople. I compared every feature and analyzed every little thing and then realized I hadn’t even eaten lunch! But we kept on truckin.

Imagine my surprise when I was approved for NOTHING DOWN for several respectible cars. With VERY REASONABLE monthly payments. Even with a credit score that is just “good”, a ton of debt, and only able to prove half of my income. Innnnnteresting.

My mom and I went to dinner at Mimi’s cafe and I got a big salmon salad and refueled. Once I was thinking straight again, I thought about the offers they’d made, the payments the cars would require, and what I really wanted. And I just kept coming back to a used car that had everything I wanted, everything I needed, and just felt like it had personality and more so, that it’s personality matched with ME.

So I went back, at 7:00 pm on a Sunday night and bought a used 2004 Volkswagon Golf, a black sexy-yet-cute car with excellent MPG, low mileage (45k and at 5 years old!), and all sorts of awesome upgrades (sun/moon roof, seat warmers, power everything ,fancy sound system, alarm system). It was previously leased by a company as a “fleet car”, which is why it has low mileage and all the sweet upgrades.

I drove her home today:

I’m giving the Saturn back to my ex. His commute is less than 6 miles, and he’ll take his bike when convenient and use the car for bad weather, big shopping trips, out of town trips, etc. He’ll take good care of it and it will last longer that way.

I am so happy with my little car. Just one more step towards my future….

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Holly
    Oct 13, 2009 @ 06:10:56

    VERY cute car!! I bet it gets great gas mileage, too? And you will LOVE the seat warmers. I use mine even in the summer time (hey, it gets chilly at night!).


  2. jessica
    Oct 13, 2009 @ 07:03:45

    So excited for you. The VW I just bougth was the first time I’ve ever walked into a dealership and just bought a new (well, used) car. I was scared about money, credit, etc… but it all worked out. I also walked in there thinking “I’m NOT buying a car tonight, just looking!” so when you said that, I kinda knew you’d be buying car.

    I’m not at all surprised you got approved — it is a great time to buy a car because the auto industry is hurting so badly. CONGRATS! It’s adorable, and you’ll love driving it.



  3. RunningLaur
    Oct 13, 2009 @ 09:38:06

    SO cute!


  4. kilax
    Oct 13, 2009 @ 15:55:31

    I love the Golf! I hope it turns out to be the perfect car for you! I bought my first “new to me” car in April, and I am still in love with it 🙂


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