My body is sore all over!

I am definitely sore from the past two days of exercise! Actually, last night I think it was worse than this morning so far.

Yesterday I did my longest run so far – 15 miles. Yesterday I said 14, but I decided to bump it up a bit. I follow a 9/1 pattern (run nine minutes, walk for one) and I started out really slow. I realized after the first five miles came in right at an hour that my goal was going to be less than a 12:00/mile pace, so I’d need to pick it up on the way back. I did pause and stretch at the aid station at mile 4.5 and again at 10.5 on the way back. I also had to make a portipotty pit stop, my first time ever during a run!

I did push the pace on the way back to make my goal, but I was wiped. If I’d stop pushing I’d see high 11’s and sometimes 12’s on my Garmin. If you mix that with walk breaks, I wasn’t gonna make it. I kept pushing to pull under 11 on my running segments. I was soaked with sweat, tired, sore, and definitely having some negative thoughts while going. It was a mental challenge. But I kept pushing, and I came in at 2:57. I actually went about 4 minutes faster on the second half than I did on the first. Definite success and strong running, even if mentally I’d been a bit shaky. I fought my monsters and just got it done.

After my run, I stretched and chilled at bit at the starting area, and then I walked back for my friend Jenn, who did 18!!! I got in another 3 miles of walking afterwards. Then we waded in to the American River for some “ice bath” action.

Here I am, walking back (I got cold after cooling down cuz I was soaked with sweat!)

Friday night I went to my Crossfit introduction class. I have a hard time easily explaining what Crossfit is, but I had a great picture in my head from my friend Andrea’s adventures and videos and such. It’s basically a workout that tests your strength and edurance combined. Each day, the prescribed workout is different, but if often involves some sort of circuit of exercises that you do for time. Weightlifting exercises (like, barbell style stuff) mixed with typical strength moves (pushups, pullups, etc) mixed with short cardio bursts (rowing, running, etc). It’s never the same, but it’s always intense.

Anyways, on Friday was just my intro. I got a tour of the “gym”, which was in two of those garage-style rental spaces that you see car mechanics work out of. Totally homegrown style. Then we did a jog around the parking lot to warm up and then we practiced some of the basic moves. We did squats, which are done a little differently than my step aerobic squats, situps, pushups (I have to do knees), puul ups using a rubber band helper, rowing (tricky to be all coordinated!), and practiced some barbell moves. Then I did a short “intro” workout for time. It was the following:

– row 500 meters
– 40 squats
– 30 situps
– 20 pushups
– 10 pullups

I’m a little jerky on the rowing, but that part was fine, I did it nonstop. I was getting winded though. Squats were cool too, was just really trying to nail the forms. Situps were cake. But then we got to the two hardest for me. I got out 10 pushups pretty good and then started to struggle a lot. I had to take some pauses and twice I fully collapsed and then pushed myself back up from the ground. I was dripping sweat down to the ground. Then pullups. Even WITH the rubber band, I could only do 3 in a row! So I put my foot down in between for a second. And my hands were sweaty and slippery. I eeked out 4 on the last segment.

My time was 8:01, so it was actually a “short” workout, but the intensity was high. Most of the Crossfit workouts are about 20 minutes long, but then there are ones that are literally a race and could take 5 minutes or much longer than 20. There is always a warm up, explination and some practicing, the workout, and then cooling down.

I definitely feel my pecs and arms and I know that’s not from running. Abs, too. Then all my lower back and leg soreness is from running 15 miles. It kinda sucks to feel so beat up, but I know it’s because I’m doing good things for my body and challenging it.

So I’ll be back to Crossfit next Friday for intro class #2. I get 3 free intros, and then I can join and will attend the group classes. I can buy a punch card for $75 (not sure how many punches) or I can get a full membership for $100. I think for the first time I’ll get a punch card, since I won’t be fully moved yet. Also I’ll count out how many days I INTEND to go and see which is the better deal for me. But I am looking forward to challenging myself this way!

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  1. Amy
    Oct 11, 2009 @ 17:38:34

    Wow, that sounds like a pretty hardcore workout! That’s actually something I’d be interested in doing, short and hard (giggity?). I really want to get my upper body strength back. It has officially been a year since I have been climbing, since we moved from santa cruz =(


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