Trying something new

In figuring out my new life, I want to establish a good exercise pattern. Something that will work for me… but also something new.

I’m a creature of habit. A planner. Type A, if you will. I like schedules and plans and appointments and goals. If it gets too wishy washy, if it’s just “going to the gym to lose weight”, I won’t go. But give me a marathon training program, and I’m game.

The other factor is people. I’m a social butterfly. I talk (a lot). I laugh. I enjoy the company of other people. It makes exercising more fun… and it also makes sure I don’t flake out.

What has worked for me so far are running and triathlon groups, and group exercise classes (once I’d made friends in class). Feeling like I belong is a big thing for me.

In Vacaville, I have already scoped out the local Fleet Feet. They have a bunch of group runs, and I am excited for them all! I hope to join in on the Tuesday night group runs and the Wednesday night women’s runs after I move. The Saturday longer runs I am totally stoked for in the off season!

But what about strength training, you may ask yourselves. And in fact, I ask myself this one all the time. Because, try as I might, I just have trouble motivating myself to strength train. I’ve had some brief successes with personal training, boot camp classes, and good ‘ol Jillian, but none of them had staying power. I want a group training for weights like I have for running!

EnterĀ Crossfit. From their website, CrossFit is the principal strength and conditioning program for many police academies and tactical operations teams, military special operations units, champion martial artists, and hundreds of other elite and professional athletes worldwide.

Basically, it’s a hard core strength/endurance workout, usually done in some sort of circuits fasion for time, you do it at a gym with other people, and people worldwide are all doing the same workout as you are that day! Pretty sweet!

I found out about Crossfit from my friend Andrea. She’s been working out at a Crossfit gym in Alabama for some time now. I wanted to follow her lead, but living where I do now, the closest gym is about an hour away and seemed mucho $$ compared to other gyms. It just wasn’t possible. But where I am moving… there is a nearby gym! Check it out: Crossfit Solano.

They offer a training session and 3 free visits before you sign up, either with a monthly fee or by buying a punch card. It’s actually in Fairfield, and when I realized that I’m already commuting to Fairfield on Fridays as it is…. I decided to get the jump on it right away.

My first session is tonight at 5:00.

I am so stoked. I really believe this is the missing link for me, exercise-wise. I think this is going to give me strength and endurance, work on my sprinting, build muscle and lose fat, and compliment my running program.

Wish me luck!!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Holly
    Oct 09, 2009 @ 14:07:08

    I’m totally jealous. I want to do CrossFit at a gym!


  2. Sarah
    Oct 09, 2009 @ 16:11:23

    Yeah for CrossFit!!


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