My first acupunture!

Yesterday went pretty well, actually!

Started it off with the rest of the Fage and a peanut butter Nature’s Valley granola bar:

I worked a half day at the nursing home in the morning. I actually left before I would have been served lunch, but I’d prepared for that, bringing the other half of the hummus sandwich with me:

I added some Nilla wafers and a mini diet cola to the side.

At 1:30, I gave a presentation on diabetes at Santa Rosa Senior Center. I did have a few pieces of fruit and veggies with hummus from the table, unphotographed.

I was all done at 3:30, early day! It was lovely! I came home to an empty house (no ex husband or roommate!) and managed to take about an hour nap. Aaaaah.

When I awoke, the Halloween Healing Event at my chiropractor’s office was already going. I got dressed and headed over. I had a couple mini size candy things and a quarter of a cupcake:

I got signed up for the free healing treatments and then spent my time perusing the haunted house they’d set up and checking out the cute kids in costume. My favorite was a monkey! He was about 2.

Then I got an adjustment by Dr. Lana, one of my favorite people ever. It was wonderful to reconnect with her. I hadn’t seen her in months, ever since our financial situation really tanked. Felt great to get adjusted. I followed that up with a chair massage, which was lovely and really released some tension in my shoulders/neck.

After that, I got my first acupuncture! She felt my pulse and said I had disturbances in my lungs. That doesn’t necessarily mean my lungs are weak (heck, training for a marathon, not weak!) but she said it feels like that when you have trouble “letting go”. Bingo!

She put some “seeds” on my right ear, which I am supposed to leave on and press on for 3-5 seconds about 3 times a day. They are in three spots: a spot for my spirit, a spot for my lungs, and another one for stress.

They are held on with tape so I can pull them off when I’m done.

Also she gave me a teaser needle in my left ear. It’s in the spirit spot. 🙂

I left it in for close to an hour. When I pulled it out, it bled a bit! Didn’t expect that.

I’ll have to report back on if I feel any better or more centered from the experience, and how the seeds work. Remind me in a few days, k?

I came home to another frozen meal. This one I prepared in the oven:

It was simply delicious! I love lentils, and cilantro flavoring was fantastic. The little breadstick spoon was cute AND tasty.

Today I have a long commute, for the last time! Soon my Fridays will be my shortest commute (Fairfield, which is over an hour from Santa Rosa, is only 15 minutes from Vacaville!) I’m dressing up a bit for the nursing home today, I’ve got a peasant type shirt on with my black slacks, a pirate hat, a big hoop earring, and some jangly coin necklaces. Arrr, matey!

During the day, my ex will be moving out, so I will come home to a house with only my stuff left. I’ll finish throwing the last bits in boxes and then I’m having a Goodbye Bash at a local brewpub/restaurant. Hopefully I’ll get to see a few more people I’m going to miss before I go.

Exciting giveaway before I go: Zesty gives away another Blog Makeover! I would like to win that SO much! I want my new blog to get more popular and be not only snazzy LOOKING, but have all of the cool features like retweeting entries or posting it to Facebook. Here’s hoping!!



Day on the road

Yesterday was a heavy driving day. I woke up at my friend Brooke’s house (which is where I’ll be living after this weekend) and headed off to Concord. It’s still a 45 minute commute, over a bridge. But much better than it being twice as far from Santa Rosa!

I hit up Starbucks on my way out of town because I don’t have food at Brooke’s house yet, and she was still sleeping, and I didn’t want to rustle around in there. I got a “meal deal” which was a tall latte and a choice of coffee cake. I chose the reduced fat very berry. It was delicious.

Once in Concord, I charted nonstop for 3 hours. I could feel my tummy rumbling but I know I was going to get food after leaving. I’d spotted a Togo’s on the way in to town, so I decided I’d go there and get one of my favorites that I hadn’t had in WAY too long — the hummus sandwich!

I got it on whole wheat, no mayo, all veggies except for onions. I only ate half – the other half is in my fridge!

I had it with a diet coke and these:

I then commuted those 90 minutes back home and made it just in time to coach Girls on the Run. We finished up at 4, so I had an hour to spare to run home, get a snack, and watch Gossip Girl:

That’s a big Fage container, so I only ate down until the granola stopped and then I put the lid on and put IT back in the fridge.

I needed that big snack because I hit up my last Santa Rosa Fleet Feet fun run at 5:30. So sad! I’ll have the Vacaville runs soon enough, but this was my parting trip. It went pretty well, too, except for one small big thing — my Garmin wouldn’t turn on! I had a mini freak out, but then did the run without it. And we hauled butt, 4.88 miles in 48 minutes, so under a 10:00 pace. Rock on!

When I got home, I researched ways to reboot the Garmin. I’d heard this could be done, and last time my Garmin did this, I just exchanged it at REI, meaning I lose some of my running data. This time, I hadn’t uploaded any data since my laptop died over a MONTH ago. My 20 miler! Nooooooo! I was determined to fix it and then get my data uploaded ASAP.

Luckily, the fix worked. Holding mode and enter down and then quickly pressing power did the trick. I then installed SportTracks on this computer, which required me to install Microsoft >NET, then had to download the drivers for the Garmin, and then got my backup logs from the flash drive… it was quite the debacle!

I think some runs are missing on there (I don’t think the 15 miler connected), but most made it. I manually entered tonight’s run, and there ya go. I’m sure my yearly totals will be slightly off. Oh well. At least some were salvaged, and I had a great, fast run last night.

After all that computer tinkering and a shower, I was hungry! I got myself some frozen meals to make it through the rest of the week with no plates and no cookware. Here’s tonight’s:

It was pretty good! I lived off frozen meals for lunch when I worked in an office though, so I guess I find them appetizing. 🙂

Ok, off to work I go! Only two more days until I move!

Two meals at the nursing home

Catching up! I’m home now and the papers have been served. Only a few more steps to go.

Backing up, here’s yesterday’s eats. I had to rush out the door to be at the courthouse at 8 am sharp, so a simple english muffin with pb was the way to go:

I was there for TWO HOURS and then my commute was made longer by backtracking, so I didn’t arrive at work until 11:15. I was STARVING so I made myself a snack:

Tuna on a sourdough english muffin, two graham crackers, and a mini diet cola.

You already saw my snack – the mini m&m’s. There may have been some stray tootsie rolls as well.

I had my lunch later and reheated it. It wasn’t bad:

“Crispy” chicken, mashed potatoes, and spinach. The crispy chicken is baked. And I left 1/2 of the mashed potatoes.

And then, because I worked until 6 pm to make up for my late start, I ate the dinner there too. It’s good for me to sample a different meal, actually. And as many of the residents reported, dinner was NOT as good:

Breaded fish patty with tartar sauce, fires, and veggies. Like fast food. 😦

And at Brooke’s house I had a bowl of popcorn with garlic salt on it and a pomegranate tequila. Nice. 🙂

Ok, time to hit the hay! I’ll get caught up again with my food from today in the morning post. Night!

quick phone post

I’m not home tonight, so all those pictures of my food today won’t get posted in the morning. I did eat both lunch and dinner at the nursing home though. Ha.

I also managed to get the divorce papers filed today. Took 2 hours at the courthouse to do it, too. Reaaaaally frustrating. Now the next step is serving him the paperwork. Our roommate is going to do it tomorrow night.

So I leave you with a sneak preview of something I ate today – Halloween candy! It got me!

Emotional day = not the best choices

I think I like posting my food in the morning. We’ll see how long that lasts. I suspect once I get a laptop, I’ll enjoy posting in the evening while watching TV. 😉

So, yesterday started off fine but then I had a really emotional day.

My beloved Fage, with a Cinnamon flavored Nature Valley granola bar. Mmmm.

Nursing home lunch!

Note the white bread with butter up in the top. ::gag:: I did not eat that. I did eat the raspberry sherbet though!

Close up on the plate:

Turkey with gravy, sweet potatoes, and beets.

When I got home, I had to finish up the divorce papers. That got emotional, and I ate a bag of popcorn and some yogurt and it didn’t occur to me to photograph. Sorry.

Then I coached Girls on the Run. We ended at 4:00. I mapped out where the court house was, dashed over, went into a few wrong entrances, and finally found the family law clerk’s window at 4:25. With 5 minutes to spare, the lady informed me that I did not have enough copies and they weren’t stapled properly, and to come back tomorrow. They open at 8. I’m supposed to be at the Sonoma nursing home at 8ish, which is in the opposite direction. But my entire week is packed full, and then I move! I burst out in tears outside the courthouse and called my mom. Then I went to Staples, made the copies, and went home.

At home, I tried to tell my ex about how I do not appreciate him not helping at all. He did not help clean to get the security deposit back. He has told me to “just get the divorce over with as fast as possible” and won’t help or fill out any paperwork or take time off HIS job to do anything (his job is about 1 mile from the courthouse). He hasn’t even paid his half of the utility bill and internet bill from last month! (I paid it, of course).

His response was that I was “hysterical” and he left for 3 hours and refused to talk to me or acknowledge that he’s been no help and I am doing everything alone. Same as the marriage, I suppose. After he left, I really did feel hysterical. I cried more, screamed into a pillow, called my mom again. After that I cooked a frozen pizza:

And ate the whole thing. All 3 servings.

At least it had broccoli on top? =/

Not a good way to deal with emotions. I’m kind of ashamed, because this blog is about making healthy choices through this divorce, and after the divorce, when I’m on my own, and this wasn’t the best I could have done. Better than many other options, yes, but not a good showing.

I closed myself off in the bedroom at 7:30 with a magazine and my cell phone and surfed blogs from there. I went to sleep around 9:00. And this morning, it’s back to the courthouse I go. I really hope I can get my forms filed today. It’s going to make me about 2 hours late to work, which means I’ll have to work 2 hours later to make up for it. This is really wearing on me.

Only 4 more days living here. And tonight I’m staying at Brooke’s house (the place I’m moving to) because tomorrow I’m working in Concord (closer to her than me). So, only three more nights in my house. Thank god. I’m really nervous about my upcoming life change, but I know that it is not healthy for me here.

Packing and cleaning day

Quick breakfast:

Mixed in, the little peaches come to the top:

I was feeling panicky and yucky about packing while my ex was here, but I needed food, so I forced myself to eat this Amy’s frozen burrito:

I needed a snack/treat a few hours later so I tried my Whole Foods find:

And some candy coated FIGS!

After a long day of cleaning and packing, all three roommates made one part of dinner. I made the noodles, David cooked some chicken, and Salvador made the sauce:

You may be noticing the plates are gone. That’s right, they’re packed up! There is still some tupperware I can eat out of, or paper plates and styrofoam bowls. Only 5 more days to go.

I’m going to miss Wine Country

This morning, as I was driving to do some Girls on the Run administrative work in Sebastopol, I was greeted with this sight:

I am really going to miss hot air balloons in the mornings on my commute. They’re so pretty. This time, they got closer than they’ve ever been:

And I was sad that I’m leaving.

But then again, I guess it was a nice way to say goodbye.

(Food post in the morning. Goodnight.)

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