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Sidenote though… I’m on a healthy eating program with my running group, and after week 1, I have lost 2 pounds. I also registered for Berkeley’s first half marathon in November. I do think this is me turning things around.

Spartan Giveaway Winner!

Sorry for my tardiness, but we DO have a winner!

And that winner is….


I will be sending you an email with the registration code. Everyone else, look for an email from me with a 15% off code. Thank you for joining!

Spartan Race GIVEAWAY!

I’m really excited about this, guys. You’ve heard of Spartan Races, right? I’m thinking a lot of you have, because I’ve seen you click “Like” on Facebook. And then I usually see an image like this one when you like them:

So what IS a Spartan Race? Here’s an awesome YouTube Video they made to give you the idea:

SO basically, these events are like a triathlalon mixed with the muddy buddy type obsticle courses. They look pretty hard – are you up for the challenge?

If you’re located near me (Northern California), the race you’re looking at is in Sacramento on Saturday October 26th. If you’re located outside of this area, click HERE for a list of the other dates and locations (there are many!)

SO now for the BIG NEWS. I have one FREE RACE ENTRY to give away! This is big, people. A lot goes in to this race and it’s definitely worth every penny.

Here’s what you need to do to enter the giveaway:

1. Share the link to this blog post on your social media of choice (facebook, twitter, pinterest, anything goes)

2. Comment back here to tell me where you shared the link. 

3. Tell me which Spartan Race event you would enter if you won. 

BONUS ENTRY: LIKE Spartan Races on Facebook and leave me a second comment saying you did so. 

And that’s it! I will use a random number generator to choose the winner on Friday, June 7th. And EVERYONE who enters will get a code for 15% off their entry fees. 


Good luck! 



Oakland RunFest

So continues my tradition of updating after I do a race!

Today I ran a 5k with my wow team:

Josh came, guarded the tent with all the team’s stuff, and cheered me on:

Hung out for awhile afterwards to wait for the half marathoners to finish:

Got home about 12:30, relaxed at home, and I took a 2 hour nap. Love it. So glad to be back at races again, even if I am moving a lot slower!

Color Run Sacramento

This morning I headed up to Sacramento and did the Color Run with my old roommate, Nicole. It’s a 5k, but not timed and most people are walking anyway. There were 15,000 people there!

So the deal is, you wear a white shirt, and every kilometer you get doused with a colored powder. And then there’s a color packet party at the end.

Here we are before:

Add in a bunch of this:

And you get this:

Nicole wore a shower cap to protect her newly dyed hair, cuz it can stain. Blonde hair can get it bad, and my hair with how much chemical treatment it’s had, might soak in the few spots I got. But it’s ok – I have a cut and color on Wednesday. :)

All in all, a super fun event. Now I’m tired and ready to cuddle up with Josh and the kiddos. Night!

Official race photos!

I like this one of me and Lisa:

That was somewhere around the halfway point. Almost 7 miles.

This is at about 10 miles. Lisa stopped at the bathrooms so I was alone at that point.

I was feeling pretty strong here, going around Lake Merrit was very pretty.

But by the end, I was DONE:

But hey. 6 half marathons down. Not terrible.

Now it’s time to focus on losing weight, running faster, and being healthier. :)

Oakland RunFest – Half Marathon!

Race went pretty well! Ran strong, 4/1 intervals, finished in 2:43. Crazy how I used to run 2:17, huh? Sucky. But anyways, the weather was nice, it didn’t rain, stayed pretty cool, the course was really flat, all good.

Our feet are tired. Lisa runs in Vibram Five Fingers.

And we used our drink tickets to get double mimosas!

The medal is really nice. :)

And those mimosas hit my dehydrated butt REALLY bad. I was all giggly and crazy on BART, ordered a pizza, and managed to lose my ID, debit card, BART ticket, and cash on BART. And was tipsy enough to just kinda laugh about it.

Then we got pizza and ate it in the hot tub and BART called and found my stuff!!! Woot. It rode to the end of the line. Nicole was out busting a guy so she picked it up for me. And I passed out for a 2 1/2 hour nap.

And now the masseuse is here. Nicole made us all dinner (including the masseuse) and we’ve been partying it up but now I get a massage. Peace out!

CIM – third time for me!

Yesterday I was at the California International Marathon for the third time.

In 2008, I ran the last leg of a relay. In 2009, I did the whole thing myself. Last year I spectated. And this year I was the first relay leg!

My leg was the first 6 miles, and it’s rolling hills. It starts in Folsom and goes down Oak Avenue and turns on Fair Oaks Blvd. The next two legs are completely on Fair Oaks, which totally shuts the whole city’s street system down all morning. It’s quite the production. Here’s my Nike+ app screenshot of where I went:

I did okay. I took 3 walk breaks, planned. I’m still in that spot where it’s frustrating that what feels like “hard running” is so much slower than I used to be. But it was my strongest 6 miles since coming back from the back injury, an average 11:15 pace, so I did pretty well.

Nicole freaking ROCKED it. She had the longest section, the hilliest section, didn’t take any walk breaks, and averaged 10:39 pace. Amazing. Amanda also did great in her 7 miles, averaging a little slower than Nicole. Then Carol ran 8 minute miles or faster to the finish. Ha.

Our final time was 4:36 — a smoking marathon time to me! It’s about a 10:30 average pace — obviously Carol skewed that for us. Hahahah.

(Nicole, Me, Carol, and Amanda)

Apparently I only post when there’s a race report to give. ;) But never fear — next up is the Oakland Half Marathon!


And while I’m making this mini reappearance on the blogosphere, I’d like to mention that I REALLY want to win Kim’s fashion giveaway because I love that stuff! I can see those earrings going with half of my work outfits! ::fingers crossed::

Nike Women’s Half Marathon

My last post was on the date of my last long run. That back pain didn’t go away. Still hasn’t, in fact. I’ve been going to chiropractors and massage and doing what I can, but aside from one 3.5 mile run, I hadn’t run once since that day a month ago.

But what did I do today?

Ran the Nike Women’s Half Marathon, of course. ;)

There was no way I was missing it. Even having to walk more than normal wasn’t going to stop me. It took me three denied lottery entries and three years before finally scoring this entry, and there was no way in hell I was missing the race. Plus I was already registered and my name was on the wall..

And just as any run goes where it’s just about finishing and enjoying the experience and not the finisher’s time, a tutu was necessary:

(Dawn, Leslie, Me, Nicole, and Ashley at about 6 am)

We got to the start line:

And we were finally off and running at 7 am. We crossed about 12 minutes after the start. Nicole and I started with the above girls in the 11:00-12:59 corral, nice and slow. Unfortunately for the faster corrals, it seems they let our slow corral across the start line before the 9:00 and 10:00 groups left. They had to dodge slower runners/walkers a lot more than normal, which totally sucks. HOWEVER, it made it kind of awesome for Nicole and I because that meant our faster running group friends all passed us during the race and we got to see everyone! We even stopped for photos:

But it was very painful and hard for me. My back hurt, yes. Some motrin did help with that, and I was pulling my core in really tight to support my back the whole time. But it was also the deconditioning that had happened from not running all those weeks where my back was injured – muscle fatigue set in worse than anything else by the end. When I was running, it was technically still running, but at something like a 13:00 pace. It was kind of pathetic.

My final time was 3:08:00 — that is FIFTY ONE MINUTES slower than my half marathon PR. Yikes!

But look what I got at the finish:

ooooh… what could be in that little blue box?

That is some pretty bling. ♥

Overall though…I’m not sure I’d do this race again. I love the hype and the message, and of course the necklace, and I’m glad I finally got to do it. But it was SO crowded, SO hilly, So complicated to navigate race start/end, SO expensive….for me it might just be a once in a lifetime thing. I think I want to experience difference courses and different cities. Which is what Nicole and I plan to do next year – train together and pick out some half marathons we’ve never done. Sounds like a plan.

But the plan now is to keep going to the chiropractor, keep doing yoga and core strength, and back the running off to 3-6 miles only. Next race is the CIM relay on Dec 4th – my leg is 6 miles. Bring it.


11 miles of pain

My run today was bad. My back hurt, my stomach hurt, I didn’t eat enough yesterday, I chafed in my lady bits…basically everything sucked. It was 11 miles and the only good thing about them is that they are over.

Oh, and my fabulous running partners (who ALL finished before me – at least I was with them at the halfway point!)

Afterwards we went to yoga and just laid in the hot room and did moves that stretched us and ignored the hard moves. Hahah. Even doing just that was hard but I’m glad we did it – I should be less stiff tomorrow. Hopefully.

Last week’s 10 miler was awesome, so I think that means that next week’s 12 will be too.


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